Automated Daily sales report

PrimerBusiness experts state that if you have got the ADSR right you are right on the top of the sales. In contrast to the weekly and monthly reports, automated daily sales reporting analyzes everyday activities helping you to identify and remove process bottlenecks at grass root level. ADSR software for shopping malls, for example, saves you from the homily of yearly reports and wedged insights.

Why is ADSR important?

  • Daily insight for better performance

Days are long but the years are short – so why not get more out of each day? Daily sales reports bring insights like which day you had the best sales, when is the right time to connect with people, what brought the sales going north and a lot more. A sales analytics software for shopping malls gives such insights. 

  • Sales information visibility

DSR of any system including shopping mall revenue assurance software gives a wide range of information which include total amount of daily sales, the most liked product , average transaction value, average sales per customer, total orders by a customer and many other intriguing insights. 

  • Helps better decision making

In an efficient organization the decision making not only has to be democratized but granularized. Business simply can’t wait for you to turn over the monthly reports and make decisions, you will have to do that everyday, and that requires accurate sales reporting on daily basis. This automated daily sales reporting software will tell you who are your daily customers, which product brought the most revenue today, and many other things which will help you to make sound decisions. 

  • Save time and money

If I say that against this benefit all others benefits are all talk then I won’t be playing up. Sales reports will reveal to you which leads to pursue and which one to forgo. You may discover who are the customers who like your products and how much in the monetary terms. This way you will be able to pursue the right customers & save time & money.  WovVRA supports shopping centre tenant centre integration

WovVRAWovVRA is a revenue assurance solution which provides daily automated sales reports. This concessionaire analyser has pegged the client satisfaction to higher echelons with its intelligently sequined ADSR. Crafted for savvy IT managers, its saga can’t be curtailed.