Loyalty With Customer Experience Management


The cerebral duel between effort that goes into acquiring a new customer and retaining an existing customer has brought customer loyalty into prominence. Research has shown that acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining an existing one, while both bring the same value to the organization.  This has led companies to focus on customer satisfaction which is a sure shot way to retain customers & give biblical echo. It is in this context that the role of customer experience management comes to fore which is credited with touching off customer loyalty.

To brand loyalty through CX management

Who is your customer? 

Can you hit a target without knowing it? No way! I believe that at first you will have to know your upbeat customers inside out before you can enthrall them. You will have to craft a buyers’ persona before focusing on strategies to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Once you have factored in the buyers’ persona it will be a cake walk to answer their call and provide them better CX leading to customer loyalty

Customers’ need is our commandment

What do you exactly want from us? We can’t be that straightforward while dealing with customers, but at the core that’s what you should focus on. Whether it’s a low involvement purchase (a chocolate) or a high involvement purchase (an insurance policy), understanding customers’ needs will certainly help you in pushing their satisfaction level to the right spot & keep yourself out of the woods.  

In-store experience

Importance of customer experience cannot be emphasized further even in the physical milieu. Even highly driven customers through enticing offers may be struck off by tawdry in-store experience. What counts as in-store expr? Everything physical & emotional that a customer goes through from the moment they step into your shopping centre. Measure customer experience, make them feel great not skittish, and they won’t surely forget it—that’s what you are asking for – being a demulcent for customers.

Data-driven decisions

Finally, something technology based, something to shore up your grey cells. Get yourself an analytics solution to research customers’ purchase & wrench out insights. Choose the cloud if you like a low-entry-low exit, pay-as-you-go model, and don’t want a snag or to get knee-deep in it. Insightful reports will throw light on how it’s going? And how the coming days can turn out to be? Make informed decisions.

Pamper your customers

What does customer loyalty mean? Think of a customer as the owner, not as a customer, not even as a guest. And who doesn’t want to be coddled? Spoil them— at every touch point, with whatever you have. Make them miss you when they are not with you, this way they will like to hang around you. Treat them as a child, bear their snarky mood, and they will like your company.

Unified experience

The idea is to present a unified picture of yourself across touchpoints through consistent customer experience. The customer should not think of you guys as working in silos. Your executives should be able to see all the conversations that you have had with this customer on a single screen. There should be continuity in your interaction. Furthermore, try to make the interactions richer and more fruitful with time. Go for CSAT surveys

Customer feedback

As previously mentioned, think of the customer as the owner. So how much should their opinion matter? Collect feedback at different points through the customer journey to improve customer experience. There are customer feedback management software to aid you, give apropos weightage to customers opinion in your decisions. Analyze customer experience & let customers’ feedback impact you.

WovVXM – Experience Management Software

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