Employee Experience Management


WovVTech is the leader & creator in the employee experience management solution category, and many organizations in the world are dependent on us to listen to their employee experience metrics, understand their requirements, take steps on employee experience data for powerful decision making & figure out what is the employee journey.  WovVIA comes with the express purpose of closing the gap between where you are (experience wise) and where you want to be. Our powerful solution gathers feedback from different employee journey phases like onboarding, assimilation, promotion – right up to the exit process to help you map employee experience. Our winsome solution creates synergy amongst different components of enterprise to invite, involve & hold the best talent. We want to change the way the organizations world-over engage with their employees using employee engagement platforms — hence we offer it in FREE-FOREVER format to keep the curve awry north. 

Key features of WovVIA—

  • Humanizes the digital world with engaging conversational surveys
  • Offline survey facility to collect feedback from outmost, internet-free places
  • It can live without the internet to collect data offline and later sync it
  • Word cloud & sentiment analysis to get an in-depth view of employee sentiment
  • Create an individual development plan after full-circle valuation of employees across aptitudes
  •  Flourishes well in cross-cultural ecosystems with multilingual support
  • Eclectic question types to collect wide-ranging data from employees
  • Interactive dashboard & configurable, filterable reports to produce insights
  • Fully customizable surveys
  • Scheduling & automation option to gauge employee mood at different time points
  • Share surveys on different channels
  • A centralized application that integrates well with your existing ecosystem to avoid use of multiple systems.
  • Automate recurring tasks to elevate efficiency

Key benefits of WovVXM—

Smooth Onboarding:

Employee induction sets the tone for the rest of the employee experience journey mapping. WovVIA helps in employee onboarding by making them settle down, feel comfortable, and familiarize themselves in the new milieu. 

Boost your EVP:

Give a boost to your brand in the eyes of potential employees by elevating employee value proposition (EVP). Make employee journey in your organizations a lucrative affair by offering innovative benefits to the employees. 

Be the growth engine:

Take leaders onboard and make them a part of an employee success plan by making them an engine of growth for employees’ career. Discover the most optimized growth path for employees in your organization. 


Let collaboration flourish by giving employees what they want and get a value which is more than the sum of individual values generated by each employee. Discovering information and based on it drive strategies that lead to growth in yield, happiness, & innovation.  

Build Networking:

Understand your past employees’ needs to offer them the best deal and also get one for yourself to benefit cumulatively. Get back employees, leverage relationships to gain business opportunities, and create advocacy groups out of past & present employees.

3-step success plan with WovVIA


  • Slick DIY Feedback survey form.
  • Place logo, apply themes for branding.
  • 30+ question types available.
  • Pre-configured survey templates.


  • Capture feedback from all stakeholders.
  • Let the survey link pass to all through multiple channels.
  • Share QR code.
  • IP restriction, one response per customer, expiry time and more.


  • Dashboard with graphical charts.
  • Insightful reports on surveys. 
  • Compare responses across locations & methods of feedback collection.

Make a great organizational culture in cross-culture environment

Get a pulse over your organizational culture

If employee sentiment were an indicator of your positioning in the job market will you not try to get a pulse over your organizational culture? Measure “employee NPS” –  eNPS – which is based on qualitative & quantifiable analysis. Our data scientists and experts have created pre-configured question templates for you, taking its help to get a pulse over your enterprise. 

Deliver results with insightful reports

Deep-dive to employee level insights with information results. Find out how employee output & employee retention are dependent on employee satisfaction. Transformational analytics that has the potential to elevate turnover.  

Grow with actionable data

Evolve with the aid of visualization data like word cloud and sentiment analysis graphs that help in driving actions to create data-driven plans that lead to higher performance metrics and a thriving enterprise health. 

WovVIA Values

Prognostic analytics

An intelligently crafted, advanced statistical tool that automatically measures & analyzes employee experiences data to angle out key areas to muse over so that problems could be contained before they become widespread. This analytics driven tool aids organizational leaders, change executors, team leaders, managers, and employees with the insights they need to make decisions which drive action & enterprise transformation. 

Automates action

It goes beyond experience measurement to automate action in real-time with feedback-action sequence for every byte from employee experience platform. It also acts as a Customer Experience Management (CEM) software. It seamlessly integrates with your existing technological ecosystem to lead to a transformed organization. 

For employee experience management & audit & inspections, WovVIA is the perfect choice. This audit & inspection management software digitizes manual audit, saves time & money in all stages of audit planning, execution, review, & follow-up. Avoid penalties from non-compliance & assign corrective actions to curtail follow up costs with WovVIA.