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WovVTech is a global leader in driving digital transformation and operational excellence across industries and verticals. Our SaaS productivity solutions have made a significant impact on businesses in over 50 countries and 3000 locations, delivering greater operational efficiency, improved ROI, and enhanced customer experiences.

With our comprehensive product suite, we provide the essential tools and capabilities for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We combine technology, strategy, design, and intelligence to address complex business challenges.

Backed by our specialized Technology Services arm, we offer tailored technology consultation and implementation, enabling our clients to stay ahead in the technology game. Our ready-to-deploy trained resources ensure a seamless integration of our solutions into your operations. With a focused approach driven by dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs), we uphold the highest standards of project delivery and customer satisfaction.

Unlock the potential of your business with WovVTech’s SaaS productivity solutions and experience the power of digital transformation and operational excellence.

WovVTech Products & Platforms

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WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

Collect Automated Sales Data from Tenant PoS with detailed Analytics, Reports and insights.

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WovVBI – DIY Reports & Business Intelligence platform

Integrate with multiple systems and generate KPI reports and insights

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OKEN - Ready to Launch Mobile App + Loyalty + Wayfinding

Reward your loyal customers and generate guaranteed revenue.

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WovVXM – Experience Management

Capture Feedback and measure Experience with NPS, CSAT, Customer Journey & more.

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WovVIA – Inspection & Audit

Create Inspections, Audits to measure and improve operations

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WovVFlow – Workflow Automation

Automate and track business processes and workflows.

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WovVLoyalty - Loyalty Program Platform with Analytics and Engagement

Plug in Loyalty Module with rule management, engagement, and reporting to any existing system.

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WovVBiz –Business, Billing, & Reporting

Cloud based Point of Sale that works offline

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WovV Video - Video Analytics using CCTV feed

AI based Video Analytics platform for analytics on footfall, demography, marketing, operations, security.


WovVMaps – Indoor Wayfinding

Map any indoor building and find your way without any external hardware requirement.

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WovV360 - Tenant Communication Platform (App & Web)

Seamless communication between tenants for Leasing, Invoicing, Service Management, Marketing, and overall operations.


WovVLease - Lease Management for Property Owners

Manage tenant leases with agreement management and reminders.

About Us

At WovVTech, our focus is on developing innovative products that enhance business productivity while providing top-notch technology services. We have successfully created multiple cloud-based products that are reshaping industries worldwide. With our portfolio of transformative offerings, we revolutionize various sectors by delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and efficiency. As a globally recognized provider of SaaS products, our deep knowledge, forward-thinking vision, and advanced technology empower businesses to turn business operations activities into strategic advantages. Join us to unlock the full potential of your business and achieve success in today’s digital landscape.

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Our Technology DNA

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Solid, experienced team having execution capabilities

Open API Architecture

Open API Architecture

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