FMCG – Consumer Goods and Services

Digital transformation from source to self

Translate operational efficiency into customer satisfaction

Operational Excellence is no more a buzz word around the industry, it has proved to achieve excellent results and also optimized the usage of resources for higher bench marking objectives for business excellence. Our solutions help FMCG players achieve this operational excellence through more efficient & cost-effective solutions across functions supply chain, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and more.

Audit and improve processes at each step with trackable action items for improved on time delivery, lower inventory, better warehouse management, deep market penetration, excellent distribution channel management and more. We help you plan your logistics processes, help with anticipating demand, and surpass your customers’ expectations. Our solution help businesses identify lost opportunities, identify new avenues to target, provide real-time visibility into the workflow system, enhance sales forecasting, & improve customer satisfaction. Be in sync with the ever-changing customer needs through feedback from research stage to final product roll out. Become a brand of choice through continuous feedback measurement. Make business decisions on the powerful data points and insights from multiple systems through smart KPI driven Business Scorecards.

Relevant Products

Artboard 1 WovVXM Experience Management Software WovVBIZ Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS WovVRA Revenue Assurance for FMCG WovVBI Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY OKEN FMCG Management WovVIA Audit and Inspection Management WovVflow Workflow Management

OKEN SaaS Platform– Experience & Loyalty

Build your B2C App

  • Product catalogue
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Distributor Loyalty Programs
  • Product Communication, Offers
  • Track Retail Outlet Performance
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WovVIA – Inspection & Audit

Drive Compliance and Processes

  • Warehouse Audits
  • Food safety Compliance Audits
  • Packaging Audits
  • Retail Store Audits
  • Manufacturing Audits
  • Packaging QA Checklists
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Measure Metrics that matter

  • Distribution Channel Performance Report
  • Brand Sales Performance Report
  • Fill-rate Analysis Report
  • Case fill Performance Report
  • Distribution and Reach Performance Report
  • Store Delivery Efficiency Report
  • Online Performance Report
  • Sales Report
  • Delivery Efficiency Performance Report
  • Order Invoice Report
  • Brand Sales Performance
  • Country Level Sales Performance
  • E-commerce Performance Report
  • Net sales and Gross Margin Report
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WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

Automated Sales Data from all retail stores

  • Centrally manage sales data of all stores
  • Measure retail store performance location-wise/ branch-wise
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WovVFlow – Work Flow Management

Automate Workflows

  • Resource management enabling employee productivity
  • Task allocations to employees
  • Project Management
  • Purchase order process
  • Warehouse Quality Process
  • Supply Chain Workflows
  • Distributor Workflows
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WovVBiz –PoS and Billing Automation

Billing Management for Airline Retail and Services

  • Manage billing of all retail outlets – support offline billing
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Manage multiple stores and branches
  • Integrate with WovVRA for ADSR reporting
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WovVXM – Experience Management

Capture and Measure Feedback at multiple Touchpoints

  • Product Feedback
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Customer Feedback
  • Service feedbacks from wholesalers, distributors
  • QR based Feedback
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Quantitative analysis with parameters like NPS, CSAT and many more
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Craft Excellence in FMCG Industry


Understand customers

Get a pulse over your customers by gathering their feedback from every possible communication channel. Nurture personalization for a good customer experience. Develop deep customer understanding with purchase process survey, customer purchase analysis, and customer behavior & expectation survey.


Advertising & brand loyalty

Improve advertising strategy by advertising value analysis. Boost up your brand value by understanding consumers’ brand preferences with brand loyalty feedback & brand awareness survey.


Industry Compliance

Do audits to ensure compliance with the industry laws & regulations. Accurate audit data collection & reporting to understand issues thoroughly.


Finetune manufacturing

Streamline manufacturing by improving production efficiency, doing asset analytics, conducting quality analytics, ensuring workforce safety, production monitoring, pre-shipment inspections & everything in between.


Improve Logistics

Identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, & wastes to improve supply chain & logistics. Do inventory diagnostics, supply chain diagnostics, location analytics, resource & route optimization, & gather fulfilment intelligence.


Employee management

Employees are the greatest asset of your organization, do employee management by streamlining processes like interview process & feedback, employee tasks & time tracking, employee learning & appraisal cycle, & employee exit process.


Project management

Manage projects & data providing complete visibility to all stakeholders. Centralized document management & consolidated source of information for all stakeholders. Free communication & automation with actionable & dependencies management.


Marketing Intelligence

Collect raw data & develop intelligence for doing trade promotion optimization, vendor selection modelling, sales forecasting, sentiment analysis, inventory optimization, price & packaging, & strategy management.


Insights on consumer behavior

Get deeper insights on how consumers engage with your brands. Unearth consumers’ buying patterns from sales data & present personalized, tailor-made offers to enhance customer loyalty.

Create customer profile

Reach to customers on multiple channels. Combine customer data from different databases to create a consistent, unique brand experience across different departments like marketing, sales, & customer service.


Assist in marketing & sales

Do brand analysis, set pricing strategy, & develop competitor intelligence by collecting data through customer feedback & doing in-depth analysis. You also get to do digital analytics, determine marketing mix ROI, & measure trade promotion effectiveness with survey & feedback.


Develop market understanding

Get under the skin of the market with market analysis survey & market segmentation survey. Understand new product’s market with new product analysis, new product demand survey, & new product acceptance survey.

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