Empowering Healthcare

Enhance the quality of care through digitalization

Transforming every experience that matters through healthcare technologies

Reimagining healthcare experience is the key challenge faced by the today’s healthcare organizations who need to stand robust to market disruptions & adapt to technology transformation & digital health which are shifting patients’ expectations. The healthcare organizations which are with time realize that providing services that meet today’s patients’ expectations require trusted brand, satisfied customers, engaged employees, & patient-centric service offering. WovVTech healthcare suite provides you with cloud-based software solutions that help in healthcare process streamlining, provide insights for connecting the dots in the business, give assurance to plug revenue leakage, design experiences that delight customers & employees, & help in closing the loop with patients. We have a vision to create digitally suave enterprise which is highly efficient at improving lives & ensure value-based care.

Relevant Products

Artboard 1 WovVXM Experience Management Software WovVflow Workflow Management WovVRA Revenue Assurance for Healthcare WovVIA Audit and Inspection Management WovVBI Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY WovVBIZ Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS

WovVIA – Inspection & Audit

  • Healthcare process audits
  • HIPAA & ISO compliance audits
  • Facility management audit
  • Any medical audit
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WovVBI – Business Intelligence

  • Generate insights
  • Do predictive analytics
  • Create data-driven organization
  • Dashboard & reporting
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WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

  • Plug revenue leakage
  • True sales reporting
  • Insightful reporting
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WovVFlow- Workflow Automation

  • Healthcare process automation
  • Digitizing workflows
  • Streamlining any medical process
  • Employee productivity management
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WovVBiz – Business

  • Do correct billing
  • Billing process automation
  • Integrate with accounting & banking systems
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WovVXM – Experience Management

  • Patient feedback
  • Employee feedback
  • Brand & product feedback
  • Track metrices like NPS, CSAT, & CES
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Improve healthcare processes by keeping digitization at the center of innovation


Mobility Solution

As a trusted mobility product provider we offer OKEN SaaS platform with mobile app which helps in hospital management, patient experience management, & closing loop with patients.


Digital transformation

Our digital transformation solutions help enterprises in planning & executing strategies & being a data-driven organization with a solid digitalization strategy.

Healthcare Automation

Boost operational efficiency & streamline healthcare processes through workflow automation. Use chatbots for customer service functions.


Healthcare audits

Do all types of healthcare audits with complete efficiency & accuracy. Highly useful for every healthcare professional as it helps in any medical audit including facility maintenance & sanitation inspections.


Mobile inspection

On the spot inspection with photos, videos, & comments. Completely paper less auditing with no manual effort. Works on all devices even offline.


Reporting & Dashboard

Real-time reporting with pivot reports. Dashboard with Pie charts, line & heat map that give trend analytics. You can export the reports to PDF, JPEG, & Excel. Do drill down & master filtering.


Ticket management system

Track log deviation & automatically generate tickets. Assign tasks to individuals & track task progress. Assign SLAs & timelines & track ticket closures.


Compliance & Regulations

Satisfy compliance & regulatory requirements like HIPAA & ISO. Streamline auditing to reduce error & increase data capture accuracy. Identify & assign corrective & preventative actions (CAPA).


Improve patient care & productivity

Sophisticated software solutions helps you to stay on top of patient files & day-to-day duties improving productivity & patient care.


Improve health experience

Listen to the voice of the patients & work on moments that matter. Elevate healthcare experience by meeting patients’ expectations through feedback at every stage of journey.


Employee experience management

Deliver superior patient outcomes with pleasantly engaged employees. Empower your employees with the help of this experience management platform that makes collecting, analyzing, & acting on feedback easy.


Product improvisation

Understand key drivers of product success by collecting feedback from research groups & end users. Upgrade existing products by understanding which features matter most to the medical professionals.

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