Leveraging automation in Logistics

Digitizing every mile in the logistics journey

Automate end to end logistics with this smart platform

We facilitate organizations dealing in logistics to maximize business growth, cut cost, & boost customer confidence with a smart suite of global logistics solutions. By keeping digitalization at the heart of customer empowerment we provide platform which automates operations & ensures intelligent logistics management. Our cutting-edge solution gives end-to-end visibility of processes covering every mile in detail, unlocks operational gain, & employs real-time analytics to make better decisions. We take immense pride in considering our customers as our partners & we empower them to optimize costs & boost bottom line with our state-of-the-art solutions. We help our clients in creating a world of organized logistics where processes are streamlined, customers’ voice is heard, & insights are gleaned from relevant data to create an efficient, sustainable, & profit-making logistics structure. Our cloud-based software solutions are supported by enterprise-level modular architecture which digitizes all logistics processes by keeping ease of doing business at the core.

Relevant Products

Artboard 1 WovVXM Experience Management Software WovVflow Workflow Management WovVRA Revenue Assurance for Logistics WovVIA Audit and Inspection Management WovVBI Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY WovVBIZ Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS

WovVIA – Inspection & Audit

  • Logistics process audits
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Warehouse & fleet audits
  • Safety & vehicle audits
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WovVBI – Business Intelligence

  • Insights for decision making
  • Create data-driven organization
  • Dashboard & reporting
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WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

  • Plug revenue leakage
  • True sales reporting
  • Insightful reporting
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WovVFlow- Workflow Automation

  • Logistics process automation
  • Digitizing workflows
  • Streamlining any supply chain process
  • Fleet workflow automation
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WovVBiz – Business

  • Billing process automation
  • Integrate with accounting & banking systems
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WovVXM – Experience Management

  • Customer feedback
  • Partner feedback
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Future-focused software solutions to simplify lives of logistics service providers.


Easy integration

Our logistics solutions integrates easily with your existing ERP/CRM/WMS systems to create a seamless experience for your logistics operations management. It works like a charm even as a standalone system.


Smart logistics platform

We empower global businesses with our innovative platform to automate, optimize, & simplify end-to-end logistics operations.

Future focused platform

WovVTech offers low-code integrations without any upfront costs. This future-ready platform is integrated with so many shipping lines & has thousands of shippers onboarded.


Streamline operations

Manage & execute operations swiftly & efficiently with our logistics IT solutions which help in reducing turnaround time for analysis & reporting, standardizing scattered data across organization, & providing real-time reports on mobile devices.


Finance integration

Integration with billing, banking, & accounting system makes WovVTech solutions powerful logistics management software. The system can manage financial aspects & other accounting activities along with operational activities of the logistics business.


Plug revenue leakage

Our logistics software helps in preventing revenue leakage with superior financial & sales reports which also helps in tracking business growth. Transparency brought in by reports helps in maximizing top line.


Automate workflows

This dynamic solution has been implemented globally to automate end-to-end business workflows. It integrates seamlessly with legacy warehouse management systems.


Logistics management

Workflow-based logistics management solution to automate different processes in the supply chain. Accelerate end-to-end task flow & enjoy reduced cost envelop & increased profitability.


Automated document processing

Ensure document lifecycle management with quick generation & approval. Automation of approval processes like commercial documents, financial documents & more.


Compliance tracking

Identify logistics process bottlenecks & sort out the issues on time. Track log deviation & assign corrective action to the employees. Follow up till the issue closure.


Automate auditing

Automate freight audit to save shipping costs & increase company’s performance. Increase the visibility of your logistics cost & gain deep insights into your logistics to find opportunities.


Improve inspection

Use powerful pre-built templates, pre-schedule inspections to your co-workers, & assign actions on the spot to resolve issues before they become an issue. Scan through results to identify patterns & continuously correct errors.

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