Airport Business Through Mall-In-Box


WovV Tech’s Mall-In-Box suite is a complete set of software solutions to help increase profit & productivity of the businesses. This software suite has been designed to aid growth of various business verticals. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss how this suite may be extremely useful for Airports to boost non-aero revenue. The reason we are emphasizing on the Airports is because this suite has been implemented across different Airports across the globe, & in those places it has been successful in rolling over millions of dollars. Benefits of non-aero revenue assurance softwares is beyond any doubt. Airports Council International (ACI) in its recent report unmasks a weird trend that though the non-aeronautical revenue is growing, the total revenue per passenger is flattening out because Airports are competing to attract low-cost carriers which give low aeronautical revenue. To stay profitable, Airports will have to shift focus on non-aero revenue which has been growing for many years and is a major component of the Airport’s total revenue.  In this blog we will see why to choose the mall-in-box solution?

How Mall-In-Box boosts non-aeronautical revenue for airports?

Increases retail income

The global trend indicates that retail sits right at the top of the non-aero revenue contributors garnering around 30% of the non-aero revenue. Airport managers looking to boost non-aeronautical revenue growth should look for airport softwares which will revamp retail to generate more income. Mall-In-Box helps you to undertake some path-breaking strategies which can maximize store availability by doing an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour & analyzing customer footfall. 

Provides sales intelligence

WovV Tech’s WovVBI is a comprehensive business intelligence software in itself which can provide significant boost to your sales by gleaning insights from sales data. It can integrate with more than 50 databases, including large databases like Yardi to provide in-depth analysis of the sales data. Such analysis may reveal information about customer behaviour and provide non aeronautical revenue assurance for airports. Based on the insight gathered, the Airports will be able to tailor-make store experiences for customers. For example, in the course of analysis they may discover that Airport passengers are interested more in luxury items than in duty-free sales, & they may shift the focus accordingly.  The best ADSR software for airports which is a part of this suit is WovVRA.

Leveraging internet for mutual benefit

Internet based tools are working wonders for passengers. Now, passengers with their smartphones can plan their shopping well in advance even before reaching the Airport. There are mobile apps which guide passengers to the right shop & even allow them to browse products in the store through the app. Mall-In-Box also has such features, its OKEN SaaS platform lets shoppers get a complete blueprint of the Airport’s retail area in their mobile phone.   Increasing number of airport passengers are using the online medium to plan their shopping and eating. You can give the “store locator” feature using the OKEN SaaS platform to your customers so they can plan what they want to purchase and from where. This ensures your customers don’t miss shopping even if they are short on time.  

Boosts customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the greatest marketing tool. Airports, just like other businesses, are investing too much time & money in finding the correlation between customer satisfaction & revenue. A recent research indicates that just an increase of one percent in customer satisfaction can lead to 1.5 percent growth in non-aero revenue of the Airports. This has driven many Airport managers to look for ways to turn the  customer satisfaction tide in their favour. Modern airport operators rely on the software for  non aeronautical revenue assurance for airports to find important insights from the sales data so that they can understand passengers’ tastes and preferences & step up positive return through great customer experience. Mall-In-Box’s WovVXM is the customer experience management software. You can use this software for surveys and feedback to gauge customer mood. 

Streamline contract management

Airports’ retail areas are home to some of the greatest global brands. World’s leading brands look for a presence in the world’s busiest airports to get a share from the passengers’ retail expenses. These brands rely on a revenue sharing model with Airports, & hence brands’ performance greatly affects the airport’s non-aero income. Therefore, Airports look for key performance metrics such as sales/person & sales/sqm from the best sales reporting software for airports to find the most profitable brands. They want to allow only these brands on the airport’s real estate. Mall-In-Box’s WovVLease is a great lease management solution which helps airports in making smart contract management with the brands.  

 Unboxing Mall-in-box

World’s leading airports have believed in the WovV Tech’s Mall-In-Box product suite to streamline their business operation & boost their productivity & profit. Here’s a brief introduction to the Mall-In-Box solution –

  • WovVBI: Business intelligence & analytics on the go— DIY reporting.
  • WovVBiz: Billing, Banking, & Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS. 
  • WovVFlow: Workflow management solution.
  • WovVReco: Reconciliation System. 
  • WovVLease: Lease Management Solution.
  • WovVRA: Automated daily Sales Reporting & Analytics. Non aeronautical revenue assurance tool for airports.
  • WovVIA: Audit & Inspection management. 
  • WovVXM: Experience Management Software.
  • OKEN SaaS Platform: Mall Experience & Loyalty App.


In this blog we have covered ways in which you can improve the productivity & profit of the airport using Mall-In-Box solution. We have introduced you  to different components of the Mall-In-Box & what they stand for. Airports have already realized the importance of the retail real-estate in boosting non-aero revenue. Mall-In-Box is well on its way to boost the non-aero revenue of airports by revamping retail. One more thing, Mall-In-Box is available in the FREE-FOREVER format, which means you can use this software for free for as long as you want without paying anything.  So, start today, with the FREE version of this amazing product suite.