Top Business Intelligence Reporting Software For Airport Retail


The airport retailing market is estimated to grow from USD 31.79 Billion in 2016 to USD 47.81 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2016 to 2021. Airport retail has become a very popular concept in the last few years. It has become an important part of the strategies of the companies to promote their brand & create awareness about it.  Increased competition & rise of low cost carriers have led to reduced revenue from aeronautical business. Hence to survive & grow airports are investing in non-aeronautical revenue avenues. Key players operating in the airport retailing market are Dufry AG, Tata Inc., Shoppers Stop Ltd., William Penn Ltd., Pavers England Limited, WH Smith PLC, Hidesign Accessories Ltd., and World Duty Free Group. In order to get the maximum out of the retailing business airports are looking for Airport Reporting and Business Intelligence software which can help them in decision making & also predict the future outcome. One such software which comes to our mind is WovVBI from WovVTech which is highly effective for Airport Business Intelligence. There are some other softwares a well. In this blog, you will see the top business intelligence reporting software for airport retail. Here is the list:


As already mentioned in the blog, WovVBI is an innovative business intelligence reporting software for Airport Analytics. It’s specially designed to take care of airport mall’s needs. It can link to multiple internal & external databases (like Yardi & salesforce) to generate insightful reports. These reports offer precious insights with interactive & captivating interface. There are more than 50 pre-built reports available in the software. It also has features like instant notifications, simple UI, easy set up, user role & profile management automation. It’s the best software for airport retail to understand the retail mix & plan for changing market trends in the future. Here are its key features:

  • Get custom reports & pivots through an intuitive report builder. Insightful reports provide access to all the information that you need in just a few minutes. 
  • Extensive reporting for airport shopping malls. All key measurement parameters are already defined for users. 
  • Graphical reports for easy & quick comprehension. The reports are downloadable in various formats & you can deep-dive into data.
  • You can create customized reports by choosing data fields & layout design.
  • Fetch data from multiple sources (more than 50) & build holistic reports. 
  • Dashboard gives visuals about 50 KPIs. There are options to slice & dice reports, do footfall analysis, & design DIY reports. You can do store wise report generation. 


BOARD is a single, combined platform for business intelligence, performance management, & advanced analytics in airport retail. Through this Airport Reporting and analysis Software you can explore data, do effective analysis, build interactive dashboards, & create insightful reports. It’s a very important part of your data governance strategy which helps in decision making & ensuring most productive use of data. The insight provided by this Airport Business Intelligence solution can be easily linked to the planning & control cycles of the enterprise. Integrates easily with the planning solutions, profitability application, & scorecards to effectively link performance to your business’s strategic objectives. You can automatically build advanced data mining & prediction models. Make better retail decisions on the basis of forward-looking insights from your data. 

Board has some unique functionalities which work best for the airport retail business. Its self-service data-discovery environment gives edge to your analysis tool set. By utilizing these data analysis tools searching information & doing high-level analysis is very easy. This software has an interactive & customizable dashboard which has drill-down & drill-through capabilities. Its robust, integrated platform provides a single, competent overview of critical business information giving you full ownership of the company’s business performances. 


When it comes to retail analytics, one name which has won accolades around the globe with its performance is Tableau – the Airport Management software solution. This business intelligence & visualization tool has a very ‘easy to read’ interface which is quite intuitive to understand & it offers visual query language which enables even non-technical users to do in-depth analysis & get the required information without writing a single line of code. It has a visual query language called VizQL which convers drag-&-drop actions into data queries & then displays that data visually. It has an interactive dashboard which shows reports & gives a holistic view of your entire retail environment in the airport. The dashboard can quickly analyze the data correctly & show the trends & variations in the sales cycle. 

It’s beauty lies in the fact that it can integrate relational, semi-structured, & raw data & generate  reports in real time. It has a rich predictive analysis feature & that is enabled by embedding of R & Python code & integration with a popular analytics company called MathWorks. It’s the world’s leading Airport Business Analytics platform which helps people see & understand data. The specialty of this visual analytics platform is that it transforms the way people use data to solve their business problems in retail. And that is the reason why organizations of all sizes use Tableau to be more data-driven. 

Web Focus

Web Focus is an analysis tool for airports from a renowned IT company Information Builders which  helps businesses, many of them in retail, to transform their data into insights which can help in decision making to boost sales. In today’s BI market where focus is on DIY analysis it provides an intuitive interface which allows users to work without any technical help. Can you imagine what it is capable of? It has provision for dashboard, scorecards, mobile access, data integrations, ad hoc reporting & dynamic report distribution.  Now let’s go through some of the key features & advantages of Web Focus. 

  • It’s very easy to use. It has an intuitive GUI with drag-and-drop features which helps you to glean rich information  & insights from data spread over your enterprise. Since it’s easy to use it is easily adoptable & encourages self-service at all levels of the organization. 
  • Since all have access to meaningful insight one can make consistent, accurate, & proactive decision-making throughout the organization. 
  • Reaching to the key insight is very easy. This Airport Business Intelligence system smart workflows & analytics processes which lets you access the most important insight through an interactive & personalized homepage & search feature. 
  • This cloud based solution can be easily rolled out to millions & customized as per business needs. You can easily scale up or down & update the security feature. 
  • It very easily integrates with your existing ecosystem. And is easily upgradable. 
  • This intelligence and analysis tool for airports offers mobility. All the analytics is available on mobile apps and also through web browsers. 


These are the top business intelligence reporting software for airport retail. But the list does not end here. There are so many other solutions which are vying for industry attention. The question is whether the solution in question is future focused? Does it offer enough flexibility & versatility? The solutions which we have mentioned here are hand picked, they have a reputation to turn around things in a very short span. They can help you to make the right decisions & put your company on the right growth trajectory. But, if you have to select one tool, which one would it be? Our suggestion is WovVBI & that’s why we have put it in the first place. The reasons are many, the one which is quite convincing is it has industry recognition to stand with it. Try it to analyze  & win.