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Customer is the king, and everybody wants to know their opinion. This new strategy to listen to the Voice of the Customer metrics has underscored the importance of customer experience measuring metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), usually offered by most customer experience management software. But is NPS a reliable metrics based on which organizations can build their marketing strategies? Wish it could be but it is not. When Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain & Company, introduced the concept of NPS in feedback management software in 2003, the idea of measuring CX to win customers was in nascent stage, now nearly two decades down the line people are asking – Is the concept of NPS that sanguine that they can base their customer feedback management platforms strategy entirely on it?

Shortcomings of the NPS

Unsatisfactory sample size

In most of the cases of feedback management software the questionnaire response rate is very poor. Most of the people don’t even care to look at the questions, leave aside sending a reply. The tactic to force customers to get a response from them can make customers unhappy. 

Lacks contextual background

Typically, the experience management software asks customers whether they are happy with a particular decision that they have made. Such surveys don’t drill down on “How” and “Why”. NPS scores calculated from such surveys may lack the contextual background. 

Customer prejudice

An apropos NPS may look like a distant reality if the customers are biased in their responses on account of some good or bad experiences. For example, if the customer is feeling happy, which might or might not be related to your company, they may give a favourable response, conversely if they are unhappy they may give a negative response even to the best feedback management software.

How WovVXM can measure CX beyond NPS

Reach wide audience

This cloud based experience management tool provides different channels to capture customer feedback, for example, you can send emails, sms and do social sharing to capture  CX. If you can reach a wide audience base there is a greater chance that more and more people will respond to your survey. 

Gives complete picture

Gives you a chance to include contextual questions like “How” and “Why” in this top CX analysis software to give a complete picture of the scenario and thus is more accurate. 

Is largely unbiased

You have the choice when and where you want to capture the feedback in the customer journey. Thus you may choose if you want to capture the feedback when the customers enters the store, makes the purchase, or some time after making the purchase. 

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