BI solutions


Gartner in its recent report has projected that the global market of Business Intelligence (BI) software will expand to USD 23 Billion by the end of 2021. The Vitality of the best business intelligence solution cannot be overemphasized, they draw insights from current and historical stats, predict future in the vast business unpredictableness, and help avoid future impediments. Any thought of fulfilling the company’s vision cannot be sustained without an advanced BI tool. The standing of an analytics solution is not only strategic but also tactical – it won’t let you agonize over daily business chores. Now let us evaluate the key parameters that will help you in choosing the best Business Intelligence software for your enterprise.

Parameters for choosing best BI software

Insight discovery time

A stitch in time saves nine – the importance of an insightful, decision-making information relies heavily on the time of discovery, a minute delay will render it useless.   Therefore your business intelligence and data analytics solution should keep you ahead of time in knowledge discovery so you can make wise decisions on time.

Reconciliation with diverse data sources

There will hardly be a company whose all historical data is stowed in current BI databases – their BI software has to draw data from non-standard databases like spreadsheets, there will hardly be a business process whose all data is digitally captured – many times data needs to be manually uploaded. Consequently, your BI solution should be able to collate data from multiple non-traditional, non-relational databases, and give a holistic picture. 


Reporting is the soul of BI platform. The canvas of a business intelligence reporting solution looks barren without the hues of appropriate reports. While evaluating the prospective analytics solution check if they have the reports you need.

Role-based access

All users in the company are not sitting at the same echelon, they have different privileges and accordingly they are entitled to different reports. Your analytics solution should be able to differentiate between users based on their roles.


Security goes without saying to be one of the most important selection parameters of the best Business Intelligence Cloud Software. You don’t want to disclose the precious company information to unauthorized users. Software should have built-in security mechanisms to stop data theft and audit-trail its uses. 

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