If remuneration  won’t help in overcoming remorse at the workplace then what will? But that is the ground reality- many companies struggle to retain employees and that has made Employee Experience Management software take the centre stage in a company’s strategy. What is employee experience?, Forbes in its article published a couple of years ago has said that EX is going to be the next big thing, and that prophecy has come true. These days HR managers are looking for apropos Employee Engagement & Feedback Software to bolster employee morale. If you want to succeed with employee retention you will have to invest in a tool which works on people’s emotion and not just on efficiency. Empathy is at the core of these tools and, for example, it uses the term “meet me” for “interview”.

Why is elevating EX important?

The employees are not yet overwhelmed with the choices in the job market. They are always ready to leave their current echelon for greener pastures even if that means parting ways with their current organization. Bigger organizations standing at the brink of human resource management have announced improvements in employee churn rate on account of using the latest employee engagement platform.  So why not go for employee experience management for small business and keep your employees happy? 

How to improve employee experience?

Do employee journey mapping

Creating an employee journey map let you visualize the different stages through which an employee goes from joining to leaving the company. Employee engagement solutions let you determine various pain points at critical juncture in the employee’s journey which can be sorted out through employee feedback software and apropos action. 

Better internal communication

Internal communications should be looked at as a sort of opportunity – they are not meant for just carrying the words around, they can be used for a superior purpose – for creating a community-like setup, for giving employees a common goal, and for creating a robust company culture through best feedback management software.

Promote employee wellness 

Invest in programs that promote psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellness at work. So companies could try to promote employee wellness – they can invest in fitness activities, paid leaves, paternity leave, workplace gyms, experience management software,  and wellness clinics at the office. 

Meet WovVXM

WovVXM is a cloud based experience management tool from WovVTech. It provides informative insights based on captured data to please stakeholders, elevate loyalty, and anticipate  employee needs through feedback and intelligence. It provides metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES to identify potential problems and solve them through preemptive actions.  

WovVTech’s business productivity solutions

WovVTech offers a business productivity suite which includes BI solution, workflow management solution, reconciliation system, lease management solution, revenue assurance solution, audit & inspection management solution, and feedback management software.  

Free Forever planWovVTech favour is for forever, we provide a free forever plan for our software including free employee engagement software that let you use them incessantly without absolutely paying anything.