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WovVRA (Revenue Assurance) is an Automated Daily Sales Reporting Software that empowers concessionaires to access automated sales data from all tenants. By leveraging smarter analytics and accurate daily sales reports, concessionaires can maximize revenue and achieve a better ROI. Our ADSR software captures comprehensive sales data, including billing and revenue information for property owners, concessionaires, airports, shopping centers, and malls.

WovVRA seamlessly integrates with tenants through various methods such as PoS, API, SFTP, Email, and more. With its advanced AI-driven smart mapper, WovVRA supports data in any format from tenants, ensuring quick integration with timely and accurate sales data. Multiple checks and balances at the data cleansing and transformation stages guarantee the availability of precise sales data. The data is constantly checked to prevent revenue leakage through system-driven and operational audits.

As market-leading software, WovVRA is the go-to solution for revenue assurance in malls and for boosting non-aeronautical revenues at airports. It operates as a cloud-based sales automation solution, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure costs.

With its built-in advanced analytics reports, users can benchmark performances, analyze sales trends, compare data across multiple locations, and gain valuable insights. The portal provides convenient access to multiple locations through a single login, ensuring control through user- and role-based access and authorization. WovVRA is your trusted partner for streamlining sales reporting and optimizing revenue generation.

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Prominent Features

Accessible worldwide platform to capture retail data and analyze through advance intelligent tools. Fully automated system with customizable views and results.

Many Methods to Integrate

Seamlessly integrate with tenants through various integration methods. WovVRA supports multiple system-based integrations to efficiently gather sales data and generate Automated Daily Sales Reports (ADSR). Capture Sales data using pull- or push-based methods to record accurate sales data effortlessly.

advanced analytics

Advanced Inbuilt Analytics

Benchmark performances, analyze sales trends, compare multiple locations, and more with advanced built-in analytics reports. Use operational data to improve sales and revenue. Extend intelligence through KPIs like trading density, category, and subcategory performance reports.


Accurate Data Reporting

With our well-established governance framework and meticulous standard operating procedures (SOPs), we guarantee the availability of timely, complete, and accurate data to property owners. WovVRA incorporates robust checks and balances at the system level to cleanse and transform data effectively. With AI-powered reconciliation and data mappers, we ensure seamless and accurate data integration.


No Infrastructure costs

Embrace the convenience of our cloud-based solution, which provides seamless access without the need for on-site infrastructure. Benefit from advanced security features and robust access control mechanisms for enhanced data protection.


Many Locations, One View

Experience the convenience of a single login granting access to your entire portfolio. Enjoy the flexibility of role-based and location-based access and authorization, empowering you to efficiently manage permissions and streamline operations.

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Experience the WovV

Experience high visibility and transparency in our approach with real-time reports that provide live status updates on data availability. Benefit from our well-established governance and SOP for proactive data reporting, ensuring timely and accurate insights for informed decision-making.

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Product Screenshots

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