Software can weave magic into everything it is laid upon. A common example is business process workflow. Integrating different components of the processes creates a channel that automates your workflow. Humans can err but software cannot – that is the basic philosophy that drives the digitization of the manual work saving time and money in the process. Hundreds of man-hours can be replaced by a single click of a button – that is the power of digitization, and those who can impress customers with ease of doing work, intuitive UI, lesser cost, and great functionality will come out as winners. The best is as per your taste, hence workflow automation software vendors need to be clear in their mind about their target markets. 

How to select the best workflow management software 

Imagine you are in an ice-cream parlour, how do you decide which ice-cream to eat? You go for looks, refer to past experiences, weigh your wallet, take advice from friends and may lean towards the fast moving one.  We can safely draw such analogies even when choosing the best workflow automation tool for your business.  Select a vendor that serves the niche market you are in, find out how many clients are using that product, consider the cost factor, try the free version and then decide on which product to buy. 

Features of the ideal workflow management software

These days most software products are feature rich, thus it’s not a question of whether it has, but whether you need it? Live the process and carefully note the minute requirements which will help you in feature-requirement matching. Common desirable features are automation, notification, dashboard,  KPI and metrics, deadline indicators, reports, assigning accountability and others. Go for a product which has just features as per your requirements, you don’t want your employees to learn a baggage of features which they will hardly use in their lifetime. Here custom business workflow automation software is also a great option.

Why WovVFlow rules the roost

WovVFlow is ahead-of-time, cloud-based software product which always struck the right chords with clients. It has numerous features each carefully crafted to fulfil the needs of niche industry segments. Doing a simple cost-benefit analysis of the product vis-à-vis similar products catapults it miles ahead of the others in terms of lucrativeness.