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WovVTech’s product suite is just the solution for a 360-degree approach for Airports that is backed by an innovative and strong tech foundation. We have built several checks and balances to prevent revenue leakage through automation.

With airports focusing massively on the non-aeronautical revenue share, our products will help you increase your non-aeronautical revenue through accurate sales reporting and also generate data-based insights to plan and strategize the retail mix through audits, inspections, and customer satisfaction surveys.

All the products are backed by a solid reporting and dashboard mechanism (WovVBI) that can create reports and integrate them with any external system. It makes data accessible, easily represented, and also compared for arriving at the right decision through a data-based approach.

From passenger-related insights at multiple touchpoints, Air traffic movement, ASQ, and ground handling and operations statistics, WovVBI dashboards make decision-making quicker through a one-glance view for one or multiple locations.

Get in touch with us to know how our Airport of Future product can help drive automation and experience in airports, making them cost-effective and data-backed.

WovVTech “Airport of Future” Product Usecases for Airports

Artboard 1 WovVXM Experience Management Software WovVBIZ Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS WovVRA Revenue Assurance for Airport WovVBI Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY OKEN Airport Management & Loyalty WovVIA Audit and Inspection Management WovVflow Workflow Management

OKEN SaaS Platform

Airport Management & Loyalty

  • Indoor Wayfinding
  • Loyalty Program
  • Voucher & Reward Management
  • Airport Event and Information Communication
  • Brand Directory, Offers Communication
  • Integration support
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Audit and Inspection Management

  • Store opening Checklists
  • Hygiene & Sanitization checklists
  • Store Inspections
  • Visual Merchandising checklists
  • Common Area Inspections
  • Foodcourt Inspection
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Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY

  • Build Any KPI Report
  • Compare Airport wise sales
  • Air Traffic Movement
  • ASQ Comparison
  • Concessionaire Revenue by Location
  • Concessionaire Revenue by Category
  • Planned v/s Actual Revenue Comparison
  • Health Ratio, Trading Density
  • Customer Segments & Loyalty points
  • Revenue per Passenger
  • Trend Pattern
  • Footfall v/s Sales reports
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Revenue Assurance for Airport

  • Capture Daily Sales from all retail outlets
  • Measure outlet performance
  • Interactive dashboards to monitor daily sales
  • Upload Manual Daily Sales Reports
  • Automatic Invoice Reconciliation
  • Compare sales and data of multiple airports in a single view
  • Plug in Revenue Leakages through extensive audits
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WovVFlow - BPM

Workflow Management

  • Planning Airport events
  • Marketing Collaterals Flow
  • Employee shift planning
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Maintenance and inventory management
  • Helpdesk and Facility Management
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Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS

  • Manage real time billing of all retail outlets
  • Branch wise sales data
  • Manage branch wise inventory
  • ADSR integration with WovVRA
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Experience Management Software

  • Customer Feedback through multiple channels
  • Customer Information collection using QR scan
  • Service Feedbacks on Kiosks
  • NPS -Net Promoter Score
  • Word Clouds to analyze subjective feedback
  • Interactive dashboards and Analysis
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Get Comprehensive Insights Across The Entire Airport Ecosystem


Passenger volume maximization

Churn out crucial insight from passenger volume analysis and make new strategies by collating it with future projections to maximize passenger throughput to your stores.


Maximize revenue

Maximize retail through the best non-aeronautical revenue assurance tool. Bring along high-profit passengers with the best offerings to increase sales. Dashboards and insights to track aero and non-aero revenues.


Do better retailing

This is the age of tailor-made offerings, and passengers expect the best, most exclusive deal for themselves. Analyze passenger preferences so retailers can create a loyalty program with the best offers to target the future passenger mix.


Improvise operations

Employ smart automation systems & the Internet of Things to drive efficiency in concessionaire sales data collection, operational audits and workflows with SLA tracking


Think ahead in communications

Think ahead of passengers & communicate in real-time at every touch point in their journey. Improve operational touchpoints and overall ASQ with an interactive and engaging mobile app with feedback and loyalty.


Quick turnaround

Ensure and accentuate a rapid turnaround by ensuring quick information flow about the important entities (customers, employees, competitors, & control systems) in your organization.


Financial assurance

One centralized revenue assurance tool for airports with roots spread across the entire organization ecosystem to get accurate & timely financial insights through automated, real-time feeds from all finance data sources.



Improve and measure passenger experience with interactive mobile apps with wayfinding and feedback and ASQ surveys at multiple touchpoints. Improve internal stakeholder experience for employees, staff, and partners.

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