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WovVXM is a cloud-based experience management software used to record and improve experiences through feedback. Know your customers and improve their experience at multiple touchpoints with our feedback tool.

Reach out to customers and collect feedback by link, QR code, or Social Media. Analyze the feedback in detail and categorize the customers. Never miss out on or disappoint a loyal customer!

Dig deeper and do feedback analysis using multiple metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score, Sentiment Analysis, Word Clouds, and more with the best experience management software.

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Prominent Features

Accessible worldwide platform to capture retail data and analyze it through advanced intelligent tools. Fully automated system with customized views and results.

Create a survey in minutes

Create feedback forms in minutes using the intuitive interface with more than 15 question types. Ensure higher customer loyalty and retention through rapid customer feedback.


Share anywhere

Share customer feedback forms across multiple channels to increase reach. Share through links, QR codes, social media, websites, apps, etc.



Feedback links are accessible across multiple channels. Multiple devices can be used to display and collect feedback from customers, employees, etc.



Customize feedback forms to add a company logo. Maintain the brand guidelines with a completely designable custom form with easy-to-add validations and rules.


Measurable Insights

Analyze feedback received with measurable customer satisfaction parameters like CSAT, CES, sentiment score, and Net Promoter Score. Retain and take corrective actions to improve the customer experience for loyal customers using this customer experience management software.


Build CRM

Build your customer database and better understand the driving factors for each profile of customers using this experience management tool.

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