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Discover the power of WovVTech's SaaS Products to take your business to the next level empowering users across 50 countries and 3000 locations to digitize their operations, get real-time decision driven analytics and improve productivity. Our products work across multiple verticals like Shopping Centers, Retail, Airports, Oil and Gas, and many more enterprises and verticals that are looking at automation of processes and improving operational efficiency. The product suite is modular and you can choose from offerings that cover operational aspects like Automated Daily Sales Reporting (ADSR) to Feedback, Audits and Compliance Tracking and to wow customer experience management products.


Unlock your business’s full potential with WovVTech’s Global Business Productivity SaaS products. Stay ahead in the technology game and discover what makes us truly wow.



Ready to Launch Mobile App + Loyalty + Wayfinding



Indoor Wayfinding to Stores, Parking, Amenities



Completely configurable Loyalty platform with multipliers, rules and analytics



Discover how WovVTech’s product suite drives digital transformation, automation, and enhances customer experience across industries and verticals. Explore a wide range of illustrative use cases that demonstrate the transformative potential of our product suite.

Malls and Shopping Centres

Automated Daily Sales Reporting, Analytics, tenant operations, improved processes, and enhanced customer experience with higher engagement through data-based insights. Experience a complete product suite designed for the “Malls of the Future.”



Streamlined SoPs, measurable Customer and stakeholder Feedbacks and Experience, Loyalty, Analytics and more with a complete product suite designed for the “Retailers of the Future.



Digitization of SoP, Inspections, Measurable Customer Feedback, Automated Workflows, Indoor Wayfinding, and more for digitally connected “Airports of the Future”



Passenger Feedbacks, Measured Insights and Analytics, and Digital transformation Solutions for the Digitally Connected Passengers.


Energy, Oil & Gas

Digital Compliances, Process Audits, and Safety Automation and Measurement for Energy and Oil & Gas companies


Banking & Fintech

Streamline banking operations, improve and measure Customer feedback and journey, drive automation with reduced costs with WovVTech product suite.


Events & Conferences

Solutions for Event and Conference organizers. Organize, Manage and Digitized Experiences


WovVMaps for Retail

Indoor Wayfinding Solution without any hardware requirement. Customers can now spend time shopping instead of searching . Works seamlessly to discover aisles, products, offers, and more.


WovVMaps for Offices

Indoor Wayfinding Solution without any hardware requirement for Office Complexes. Works seamlessly to discover meeting rooms, conference rooms, and amenities in office spaces.


Real Estate

Unlock the Future of Real Estate with WovVTech SaaS-based Digital Solutions! Download our brochure to explore the trending innovations and industry best technology adaptations for Real estate.



WovVTech’s Technology Services arm provides specialized technology consultation and implementation and ready to deploy trained resources to help you stay ahead in the technology game. We provide Custom and Efficient technology services to customers ranging from startups to enterprises by combining technology, strategy, design, and intelligence to solve complex business challenges. Our Technology Services Arm specializes in Enterprise implementations, Integrations, and a complete end to end solution for custom needs. Our focused approach is driven through dedicated CoEs ensures the highest standards of project delivery.

Technology Services

Empower your business with custom Development & technology Transformation. Our Technology Centres of Excellence approach focuses on continuous skill upgrades and excellent talent with delivery focus.