Non Aeronautical Revenue for Airports


A recent report by Airports Council International (ACI) unmasks quite an unsettling trend that despite the non-aeronautical revenue growth the overall revenue per passenger is flattening out as airports compete to attract low cost carriers which generate low aeronautical revenue. To stay buoyed airports will have to focus on non-aero revenue which has been showing positive growth for many years and is a major work horse for the airport revenue.

How to increase non-aeronautical revenue for airports?

Revamp retail

Globally retail sits at the top of the non-aero revenue performers contributing around 30% of the non-aero income. Business stalwarts looking to bolster airport revenue should look for airport softwares to get the most out of retail. Some path-breaking strategies could be maximizing store availability by studying customer behaviour and analyzing customer footfall. 

Get data-driven insights

In depth analysis of the sales data may reveal profound information about customer behaviour and provide non aeronautical revenue assurance for airports. This way the airports will be able to customize store experiences for customers. For example, they may shift focus from duty-free sales to luxury items to get more traction. 

Use online channels

Increasing number of airport passengers are using the online medium to plan their shopping and eating. You can give the “store locator” feature using automated daily sales reporting software for airports to your customers so they can plan what they want to purchase and from where. This ensures your customers don’t miss shopping even if they are short on time.  

Optimize car parking revenue

A recent ACI report suggests that car parking is the second largest source of non-aero revenue for airports at around 20 percent. You  can improve occupancy and better revenue by using a dynamic pricing model. 

Contract management

Airports these days rely on a revenue sharing model to give space to brands. Therefore key performance metrics like sales/person and sales/sqm from the best sales reporting software for airports helps to find out the most profitable brands and in turn help to make contract renewal decisions. 

Why to choose mall-in-box solution

WovVTech’s WovVRA is a revenue assurance solution which provides benefits of non-aero revenue assurance softwares. It has a proven record of bolstering non-aero revenue of airports. The software is available in FREE-FOREVER model so that you try it for free for as long as you want.