Malls Using Sales Automation Software


One thing which has always intrigued us is what is that thing which differentiates a successful retailer from a failed one. Going through the success stories of many retail brands & shopping malls, we at WovVTech have reached the conclusion that the winners have realized the importance of technology at the right moment in the organizational journey. When the retail industry graduated from the pop & mom store to the organized retail, and big corporate players began investing in multi-storeyed, swanky shopping malls, the need to have something which can automate all their operations arose naturally. And the result is, sales automation software for malls, retail automation solution and other software applications. When we are talking about a sales automation solution, we refer to software, service, hardware, & products that software vendors & service providers provide to retailers. In this blog, we will take you through five big & brittle reasons why shopping malls need sales automation software.   

Why do shopping malls need sales automation software?

  1. It saves time & money 

The most prominent & compelling reason which we see behind using the best store management software is that it helps in saving time & money. How does it help in that? – It streamlines sales processes, removes bottlenecks, makes billing quick & easy, replenishes product shelves quickly, helps in assigning tasks to sales representatives, & and does many other things. Sales automation applications empower shopping malls to quickly generate estimates, convert them into proposals, quotes, & orders and quickly close the deal. The inventory management team being fully cognizant of the ordering information can proactively track orders and work on it to ensure that orders arrive on time & are duly available to customers. 

  1. It boosts revenue

There are many ways a store software helps in boosting revenues, the most promising one is by plugging in revenue leakages. It not only ensures that products are available & people can see it, it also integrates seamlessly with other software applications in the mall ecosystem to prevent leakages at payment gateways. It also helps in boosting revenue through better & fairer concession agreements. Under-reporting and delays are reduced by ensuring concessions are providing correct sales data on time. Helps you to manage minimum guarantees, rents, & variable revenue share by date. Bings efficiency in sales by automating the entire revenue share process right from contract management through sales information collection to billing. Insights gained from operational data is used to boost sales & revenue.  

  1. To manage sales team 

An effective shopping mall management software, which has been chosen after due deliberation, provides a holistic view of the sales representative’s duties & responsibilities. This not only helps in managing their day-to-day tasks but also helps in getting maximum productivity from them thereby increasing the sales of the shopping mall. With such retail software solutions, you will have complete access to a sales person’s actions, opportunities, sales figures, feedback, complaints, and other KPIs which is used to convey how effective they are towards realizing the goals of the company. You won’t have to wait till the end of the week or month to get information about sales figures, instead, these sales automation software applications can provide real-time sales data through which you can know the real-time story of the sales department. The best mall software in 2021 should seamlessly integrate with other existing applications in the ecosystem of your company to help in smooth discharge of duties. Being scalable, sales automation software can fully manage your growing customer base, redefining sales territories & assigning sales representatives to them. 

  1. Sales analytics

In today’s retail business environment, it’s important to get a pulse over your business activities if you want to flourish. The state-of-the-art sales automation software comes with embedded analytics which provides deep insights about your shopping mall sales activities. With such information, companies can foretell upcoming opportunities & threats. Sales automation software integrates seamlessly with existing tools like CRM to help sales teams pursue potential customers and prospects. And therefore, collectively they can shed light on the gap between your offerings and customers’ demand. In this case, the insights come from lightweight, unified applications rather than through legacy intelligence tools like clumsy spreadsheets & big databases, thereby eliminating the need of manual data entry, historic file storing, & other labour-intensive tasks.   As the marketing collateral and information generated from outside the sales automation software can be easily integrated with it, the sales team gets the required underpinning to perform well amidst the shopping mall’s competitive landscape. 

  1. Brings knowledge inhouse 

When you plan to take a mall software solution, you can either take it off-the-shelf or you can take help of an application development service provider to make a tailor-made software for your retail business, in either case, the application itself along with other materials like user guide, best practises brings knowledge to your company. On your own you may not have the expertise to streamline sales processes and leverage it to accentuate big turnover, a sales automation software, however, helps you do improve processes and brings to your company industry best practises from vendors & service providers which has been designed based on in-house expertise and years of experience in the sales field. 


Shopping malls are having a good time – the economy is growing, new retail spaces are coming up, industry big weights are investing in retail, & seemingly, consumers are providing their full participation to the concept. To gain maximum out of this phenomenon, shopping mall owners should take help of shopping centre sales automation software which provides multiple benefits. In this blog, we have provided 5 compelling reasons why you should go for sales automation software. Now we will recommend a software application which brings benefits to you in all these ways – WovVRA which is part of the Mall-In-Box suite. It’s an advanced sales automation software from WovVTech – a leading business productivity solution provider company. The software is available in a FREE-FOREVER plan, which means you can use it for as long as you want without paying anything for it, with it, shopping malls will profit, customers will be happy.