Oil and Gas compliance audit


Many oil & gas leviathans operating at the global level or looking forward to moving their business from one place to another face the challenge of working in compliance with the laws of the land.  Given the highly risky nature of the business and high standard of compliance, they look for the best internal audit software solution to ease their life. Mandatory compliance or just a suggestion, year end compliance or immediate auditing – there are choices to make, and implementing them is difficult without the best survey software for the oil & gas industry. Furthermore, the regulations are continuously evolving and make it difficult to adjust on pen and paper. Not being compliant is not an option, as that leads to financial penalties and loss of reputation which is the last thing you want in this competitive milieu. WovVIA, which does internal audit & inspections for the oil & gas industry, is the answer to these pain points. It’s demulcent that soothes your enterprise from within. 

What’s the trend in oil & gas auditing?

Environment is trending on top – authorities are strict with the companies on the environment. It’s one checklist that you need to keep updated and on priority. Secondly, consolidation is in the limelight, organizations are looking for a single software solution that can help them with all the auditing requirements and automate oil & gas internal audits. Thirdly, given the changing nature of the compliance, enterprises don’t want to start with on-premise solutions and customize the same on every change. Instead, they would prefer a fully configurable off-the-peg cloud survey software. Fourthly, the world has moved beyond the desktop to the hand held mobile and tablet devices, and so has the auditing arena. And finally, dashboard and reporting should help you make sound decisions with embedded analytics. 

How WovVIA is blowing up the competition?

Going by these market trends we are offering WovVIA. This cloud based software used in the petroleum industry has won the heart of even the most astute audit managers. Have a look at the prominent features of this oil and gas industry software solutions.

  • Create audit & inspection forms on the fly. 
  • Plan & schedule auditing.
  • Make employees see what they are entitled to with role-based authentication.
  • Capture image & video for in depth scrutiny with this best survey software for compliance audit
  • Do location wise/site wise audit. 
  • Centralized dashboard to give top view of auditing. 

WovVIA, the best audit & survey tool of 2021, is available in free forever format. Get on-board in fifteen minutes and use it completely free.