CX management


All those who are into this tech-savvy world of IT know that best customer experience management software is the latest buzz word. It is that world of digits and bytes where you can keep your customers happy, but how? – By measuring and improving their satisfaction level. Small businesses have the disadvantage of scale, but that does not signify losing out on CX management. They are agile and they can adapt nimbly, having a flat hierarchy leads to enhanced collaboration and decision making. Operating in a niche geographical segment they are vocal for local.  They will prefer a CX management solution that serves the localization needs.

Why improving customer experience is important?

Tech Moghul Jerry Gregoire once famously said “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”. And in this battle you need to draw your sword to win over every single customer, this is where precisely customer experience comes into picture. Because your customers will never forget how you made them feel, and that’s the opportunity you need to grab. A satisfied customer base leads to better retention, more loyalty, good product repurchase rate, and improved cross-selling & upselling. 

How to select the best vendor?

We are not always spoilt by choices, sometimes we get overwhelmed by it, isn’t it? There are so many software vendors out there that the act of zeroing in on the best experience management solution may easily get wearing. However, there are approaches which can make it easy. To begin with, you must start it with a glance at your business requirements. Factors like target market, organization’s size, footprint, and commercials should be considered thoroughly while choosing the best CEM vendor. Simplicity sales over others; given the complexity of the business processes, management always goes for simple IT solutions which can be slickly understood. They streamline processes and even a beginner can easily get a hang of them.

Why is WovVXM a preferable solution?

When it comes to choosing the right customer experience management tool, most IT managers with grey hair lines and astute business acumen will bet on the result. We have that to show – we have software footprint across 3000 locations in 50 countries. Our WovVXM solution will give you the chance to CREATE surveys, CAPTURE sentiments, and ANALYZE customer behaviour to your advantage. Parameters like NPS, CES, and CSAT let you measure and improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.  

Free Forever Plan

We understand that small businesses usually might not have that big an IT budget to spend on testing a big tool which even might not be used by  the employees in the long run. We also believe that a ‘30-day’ free trial kind of thing might not be the best option for you to fully test a solution. Therefore, we offer this tool in FREE-FOREVER format, so whether you are a big organization or a small one, you get enough time to test it in your way & for as long as you want in different test conditions & also through live projects. It is highly recommendable that you try our WovVXM solution.