customer experience in retail


Does happiness have a price tag? Well, not always. From simple clothes to haute couture, how difficult is it to find the true worth of experience of wearing a high-end dress? The customer is the most important piece of the puzzle called retail, and this piece wants to glide on the dual track of consumption (product) and experience (services). By using the best software for retail business, you can make loyal customers who are the backbone of profitability. It has come to light that a slight corpulence in CX leads to serious tailwinds in sales.  Let’s try to understand how an intangible thing like CX helps boost the top line with the help of a business productivity solution for retail.

How improving customer experience helps your business?

Managing cost

How retailers can meet new customer expectations? Research has revealed that winning a new customer is far too expensive than retaining an existing one. So why not hold on to the existing customers rather than splurging hard-earned money on cornering new customers? But how will you do that? – measure customer experience & satisfaction. A leviathan called money bows to supple emotions. Emotion is the anchor which can retain the heaviest of the ships called customers and fend off the effort by competitors to pry open its clutch. Here is the sermon – utilize CX to retain customers and go soft on acquiring new customers. 

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is not just all talk. It is impactful. It can crawl up the people’s senses to influence their behaviour. And where does it come from? – loyalty of course. A happy customer is your business magnet, it can pull in more people to your store. Advice does not always fall to inattention, especially when one is seeking it. Many people, universally, seek advice on which store to visit, and they act on it. 

How to improve customer experience?

Want to know the way of improving CX and improving retail operations? I can play the evangelist for you. Providing an engaging, immersive in-store experience will give biblical echoes to your customers. Give your customers reasons to spend more time in your store. Reward trailblazers – give incentives to first-time customers. Inspire customers with new, outside ordinary experiences like in-store aquarium, gym, yoga and others.

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