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WovVBiz is a Cloud-based PoS solution that enables integrated banking, secure billing, and accounting automation. Manage your business from single to multiple branches right from one comprehensive platform that caters to multiple verticals.

Get a powerful cloud-based PoS and Billing system that automates your entire business. Manage everything from billing and inventory to customer relationships all in a single system.

Be ready to grow to multiple locations in less than 15 minutes. It is truly a business billing software that grows with your business.

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Prominent Features

Accessible worldwide platform to capture retail data and analyze through advance intelligent tools. Fully automated system with customized views and results.

Easy to setup

Easy to set up and takes you online within 15 minutes. Forget long, hassled installation processes. Move quickly as your business.




Grow with your Business

From one store to a retail chain, we can easily map your businesses as they grow. Access data, reports, and information for multiple stores or a single store to gain deeper insights into performance.


Cloud Enabled

Cloud-enabled service that works offline. Do not let a lack of internet delay billing and keep the customer waiting.


Works with existing hardware

Can work on any existing hardware you currently own. Be ready to manage PoS using the web, Tablet, or Mobile App.


Beyond Transactions

Easily configurable according to your business structure, taxes, and rules. The system-managed finances take care of compliance, banking, and reconciliation as well.



Ready for multiple verticals like F&B, Retail, SMEs, and Enterprise. Complete your business management with online ordering and delivery tracking apps.

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