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WovVBI – Unlock the Power of Business Intelligence for Actionable Insights

WovVBI is the ultimate solution for unlocking the power of business intelligence. Elevate your business with our robust software that empowers you to harness the full potential of your data. Drive informed decisions and gain valuable insights using our advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Effortlessly integrate data from diverse sources and systems, allowing you to construct intuitive custom reports. With our user-friendly interface, designing reports becomes seamless, putting powerful analytics at your fingertips. Experience comprehensive data analysis and visually engaging visualizations that breathe life into your reports.

Enjoy real-time reporting, instant notifications, and a seamless setup process with WovVBI. Our software comes with user role and profile management, ensuring streamlined access and control. Unlock the benefits of over 50 pre-built KPI reports that span various industries and cater to unique needs.

WovVBI serves as an indispensable solution for multiple sectors, including Airports, Malls or Shopping centers, Retail businesses, etc. It delivers invaluable insights for retail mix analysis in malls and enables airports to benchmark their non-aeronautical revenue tracking.

Recognized as a leading business analytics software, WovVBI is trusted by organizations worldwide.

Join the ranks of businesses globally that have harnessed WovVBI to enhance decision-making and drive growth planning. Discover the power of data-driven insights with WovVBI and propel your business to new heights. Experience the true essence of Business Intelligence across diverse industries.

Our extensive data science team plays a crucial role in building and evolving the WovVBI product. They are equipped with the latest knowledge and trends in data science, ensuring that our software remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, our team offers consulting and implementation services, providing expert guidance to maximize the value of our product for your business. With WovVBI, you not only gain access to a powerful business intelligence solution but also a dedicated team that supports your data-driven journey.

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Prominent Features

Empower your business with actionable insights and intelligent decision-making using WovVBI, our advanced Business Intelligence platform.
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Custom Reports

Effortlessly create custom reports with our intuitive report builder and deliver valuable insights to stakeholders. Our report designer provides complete flexibility in terms of layout and data, enabling seamless report creation.

Industry Wise Report

Multi-Industry KPI Insights

Access extensive KPI reports across industries such as malls, airports, shopping centers, retail, and more. All key measurement parameters and reports are predefined for user convenience.


Integrate with External Data Sources

Integrate data from multiple sources and enterprise systems via API or data connectors to build intuitive custom reports. Seamlessly connect with external data sources like Yardi, Salesforce, and more for comprehensive insights.


Many Locations, One View

Experience the convenience of a single login granting access to your entire portfolio. Enjoy the flexibility of role-based and location-based access and authorization, empowering you to efficiently manage permissions and streamline operations.

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Flexible Report Download

Download your BI reports in multiple formats, including image formats for visually appealing charts and Excel/CSV for tabular data. Choose the format that suits your needs and effortlessly share or analyze your reports.

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Data Science & Consulting

Our dedicated team of data scientists drives the development and evolution of WovVBI, ensuring it stays ahead of the curve. Benefit from their knowledge and expertise, and leverage our consulting and implementation services to maximize the value of our business intelligence solution for your organization.

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