Inside Web App Development – definition, development & benefits

IntroductionIt started with a humble beginning – static pages, plain text – images & videos if things were on the advanced side, now the scenario has changed, today’s web applications are quicker, agile & more interactive, thus making it possible to achieve more from the same web page. Big brothers like Microsoft, Facebook, & Mailchimp were, as expected, first to realize web application’s advantages, & the result are their web applications which give unique, tailored, & immersive experience right through the web browser. There are still other reasons which have made web applications win everybody’s heart – they are lightweight, ease of accessibility, ease of manageability, & winsome features. Owing to these reasons, web application development principle has become a craze amongst big businesses like banking, retail, entertainment, education & many others. In this blog, I will take you through the nuts & bolts of web application development.

What is web application development?

An intriguing question which can reveal a lot for the benefits of all. A simple way to look at it is client & server-side programming to make an application which may be accessed through a web browser. How does it begin? – An idea is conceptualized, a web application is chosen to implement the concept which will solve the given problem. Developers then move to design the application, choose the right technology to develop the app, test it, & finally launch it for everyone’s pleasure. 

How to choose a web app development company?

There are wide ranging technology companies serving small, medium, & large organizations. When it comes to web app development, one-size-fit-all companies can’t turn things around for everyone. Here is a small table that summarizes what small, medium, & large enterprises should look for in the prospective web application development company. 

Small BusinessesMedium BusinessesEnterprise Solutions
Go for fixed price estimates instead of variable pricing.Choose a vendor which provides iterative web application development service for a prototype & does quick delivery of fully approved MVP.Improvised scrum masters which supports agile delivery practises. Agile software development teams which can grow easily with demand.Someone who can provide well-tested & proven development environment improvements techniques.Flexible interaction model for changing delivery risks. The service provider should have the capability to deliver on continuous, varying project streams.Sufficient delivery experience with many value added services. They should have experience in providing professional consulting & help to large agencies.Transparent contracting & web application development process management.They should be compliant with standards & regulations that governs the concerned environment.The prospective solution should seamlessly integrate with the existing ecosystem.

Common web application development services

  • Customized development

Tailor made solutions ranging from a simple web page to complicated workflow based apps. Custom web application development company help meet your specific business requirements. 

  • Technology Consulting

Technology plays a great role as an enabler in the business journey. Technology consultants have the in-house knowledge, domain expertise, & the infrastructure to guide you to help achieve what you want. 

  • E-Commerce development

Web apps are at the core of e-commerce. Technology service providers use Microsoft and other technologies like Magento, PHP, Java, ASP.Net, & JavaScript to make great e-commerce applications.  

  • Web-Portal development

Web portals are a great way to communicate with your customers. You can easily get such facilities which evaluate your needs and provide B2B, B2C, & other portal development services. 

  • Machine Learning & Chatbots

There are real-time Chatbots built using advanced ML techniques, which can fully understand your business & stay updated. You can get customer service chatbots, personalized chatbots & others. 

WovVTech – The best web application development company

At the centre of developing a world class web application is the company which will make it happen. Considering the scope, future viability, & margins many web app development companies have come up. But not all are worth it. I will put my bet on WovVTech – a web app development company which is innovative to the core bringing radical apps which have power to transform the businesses & which provide the best platform to develop your web application.

Web application development technologies which we use

They say technology is a great enabler – conceiving a proficient product is not possible without investing in the latest technology which can mould the business solutions as per your choice and which can blow up the competition. We like to have our hands on the latest which is available, there is a risk of experimentation, but we are ready to bear that, for our clients. And the result is, fresh products based on newest technologies that are far ahead of what others are using. Given below are the technologies which we have chosen, in all these years, to develop our technology competency meticulously. 

  • Web & Full Stack – Java, PHP, HTML, Angular, Cake PHP, Dotnet & many others.
  • CMS & Ecommerce – Sharepoint, Drupal, Umbraco, Kentico, Sitefinity, Sitecore & others.
  • Blockchain & Machine Learning – Blockchain, ML & AI, ChatBot, Ethereum, Hyperledger, SmartContract, & many others. 

Why choose WovVTech for web app development?

Sitting at the top of the web app development stack, we can see far more than others, & based on our predictive competency we can provide market-leading web solutions which are not only growth centric but can outrun the competition as well. Everyone in our web development team is well versed with the nuances of contemporary web app development requirements, & therefore we provide innovative, risk-free, scalable, & cutting-edge web solutions which can help you in the ways which you have not imagined before. Here are the key pointers to note –

  • Our development team is very creative & their motivation level can push even the most complex tasks to submission.
  • We have empathy. We live for you, we can think like you, we know the value of your money & importance of your customers. Your requirements are our mission.
  • Impeccable quality – which you have not experienced before, flawless programming which results in bug-free applications. All with air-tight security. 
  • We provide the assurance that your ideas will be yours, forever, confidentiality guaranteed at every step. No IPR infringement – that’s our word.
  • Iterative methodologies are in for us, but are unused, for we believe in one-shot development. Mostly the first draft is the final one. 
  • Innovation redefined in every block of code resulting in suave web applications where every feature is priceless. 
  • We begin from the end; project completion is not our target but making you happy is. With us the result will be in your favour & satisfaction guaranteed. 
  • We live no stone unturned to ensure that our application integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem & creates synergies in your favour.
  • You can see through us; we believe you are on our side so right through the project you will be on the same page as we. Transparency guaranteed. 


Web app development is nothing less than a phenomenon in the business circle. Using cutting edge technologies, developed through technological innovation, it solves business problems and keeps you technologically contemporary. In this blog, I have covered its definition, how to choose a technology service provider, services provided by it, & I have also introduced you to WovVTech – a leading, web app development company. If you are wondering how you can leverage it to gain maximum business momentum through a web app then this blog will help you. One more thing, I would like to share with you, there are no strings attached to engagement with them. Happy blogging & happy browsing.