WovVLease: Seamlessly Manage Your Leasing Contracts and Elevate your Business

We at WovVTech offer a product called WovVLease which tackles lease management challenges by digitizing the entire process, centralizing lease information, and automating financial management. It ensures compliance, streamlines document handling, and enhances communication between property owners and tenants. With built-in analytics, WovVLease provides valuable insights into lease performance and financial metrics, making it easier to optimize property portfolios and improve overall efficiency.

WovVLease is indispensable for modern property management needs. By digitalizing the leasing process, it handles vital tasks like administration, tenant onboarding, rent collection, maintenance tracking, and financial reporting. Its compliance features and customizable templates assure owners of regulatory adherence, reducing legal risks. WovVLease offers a centralized repository for all lease-related documents, ensuring easy access to crucial information such as lease terms and tenant details. 

WovVLease  tracks rental income, expenses, and overdue payments, optimizing revenue streams and financial visibility. Additionally, WovVLease facilitates seamless communication between owners and tenants through 
in-app notifications and email. With its advanced analytics dashboard, it provides valuable insights into leasing trends, occupancy rates, and revenue projections, empowering informed decision-making.


Prominent Features

WovVLease offers the various features that facilitate seamless communication between 
property owners and tenants.

Admin Dashboard & User Management 

An admin dashboard provides a centralized interface for managing system functions and user activities, while user management allows for efficient control of user roles, access, and permissions.

Property/Location set up and Tenant configuration

It helps set up mall locations, brands, tenants, and details, recording all relevant location information like GLA, layout, available spaces, storage, 
and parking.



Tenant lease details are logged in the WovVLease portal, designed to handle diverse combinations for complex leasing structures.

Tenant Lifecycle 

The system offers clear status updates as tenants move through stages from onboarding to move-out/renewal, recording lifecycle events for precise milestone tracking.

Invoice Workflow 

Within the system, the online invoices can be generate, approve, and process for the Tenants. Offering visibility into pending payments per-tenant basis.


Received payments, including UTR and attachments, are logged in the system, creating a digital record of tenant payment histories 
for easy tracking.

Dashboard and 

WovVLease offers analytics for informed decision-making and portfolio optimization, covering financial performance, occupancy rates, tenant demographics, key accounts, and rent reports.

Lease Renewal 

Never miss a lease renewal date with automated notifications and reminders, helping you stay on top of contract expirations 
and renewals.

WovVLease at a Glance