A new era has begun in the field of app development. The mobile app industry has been rolling over billions of dollars in revenue specially companies like Google & Apple. Given the popularity of this field you are expected to churn out better revenue for yourself & also help your client. In recent times, the mobile app revenue has increased by threefold as per the McKinsey report. Knack to learn iOS app development can come from starting a career in app development or scaling a business by taking help of iOS app development companies. We have some great iOS apps to our credit in the market which are making waves since inception. With a team of valuable app developers we have a store of inhouse knowledge on app development which we want to share for the benefit of all the app development aspirants out there. In this blog, we are going to shed some light on how to develop an iOS app. Here’s for iOS app development:

Basic requirements 

Before going all the way for app development you need to understand the basic requirements of the app development. 

  • Get a Mac system for yourself. To run the latest version of the Xcode, you need to have a Mac computer running the latest version of the Mac OS & having the intel processor.  This will set up your iOS app development platform.
  • After you have arranged the requisite hardware, it’s time to register for an application development account. It’s free; & after that you will be able to download Xcode & access iOS sdk. 
  • As the next step, you need to register at Apple’s developer website by providing all the required personal details. 
  • Next, you will need to install Xcode which is the only tool you need initially to develop an iOS app. It’s Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) for developing iOS apps. 

Preparing the environment

After setting up the Xcode you need to prepare the environment for iOS development. Launch the Xcode & create a new project. Next, get acquainted  with the Xcode’s interface. The interface has five sections – Toolbar, Editor area, Utility area, Navigator area, Debug area. 

Being Apple’s app developer, you need to learn about the best iOS app development software, free app development tools & their platform. Some of them are: GitHub- It’s a code sharing & publishing service & social networking site for programmers. Bitbucket- It’s similar to GitHub. Stackoverflow is another platform, & beside everything, you can turn to Google or a professional to find answers. 

Starting an app development project

We have come half way through, we have arranged for the required hardware & we have downloaded the Xcode. We have got ourselves acquainted with the Xcode as well. Now comes the next & final part wherein we need to develop the app. Being a part of the iOS app development company you need to follow the below steps: 

Step 1: 

Open Xcode & setup the project. You need to setup the project properly, for that, follow the below steps: 

  1. Start Xcode
  2. Go to File>New>project. 
  3. Select App & click Next. 
  4. Give a name to the project. 
  5. Select Storyboards & SwiftUI, click Next
  6. select the path where you would save your file & click Create. 

Step 2:

Then comes the part wherein you need to write codes. You should do the programming in the ViewController.swift file. 

  1. Open ‘ViewController.swift’
  2. Go to Main.storyboard. 
  3. Therein do all the programming. Here is the place where you need to write your code. 

Step 3:  

In this step you need to connect to the UI. 

  1. Open Main.storyboard
  2. Search for a label & drag it onto the view. 
  3. Select the label by clicking on it, & drag the squares of the corners to resize the label. 
  4. Go to ‘Attribute Inspector’, keep it on the center
  5. Select the size & front. 
  6. Next, right click on the ‘ViewController’ & connect label to storyboard.  

Step 4: 

Your app is ready for running. Recheck everything once, &then click on the Run button to run the app. This is how the best iOS app development services develop an iOS app. 


In this blog we have just introduced you to the basics of iOS app development. There is still a lot to learn about Apple’s app development. One more thing we want to emphasize on, before you dive in for the app development, download & read the design & development guidelines of Apple. Now, if you are looking to develop a world class app for your business, you need to contact WovVTech for that. We have a team of great iOS app developers & we have made some great Apple iOS apps for our esteemed clients around the globe.