The year 2005 was a happening year in the world of web app development technology. This was the year when Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework, the best web development technology, was released which revolutionized the world of web application development since then. Bolted on to the concepts like Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and convention over configuration (CoC) Ruby on Rails development sways momentum in the favour of streamlined development. So much so that it has become the rallying-cry of the web developers around the world. What could be a bigger proof of popularity than being used to make world-class applications like Zendesk, GitHub, Basecamp and others. Let’s have a look that even in the presence of so many options why ROR application development is an ideal choice?

How RoR dashes ahead of competition?

  • Doesn’t pinch you pocket

A penny saved is a penny earned. In today’s world, businesses compete at tight margin, and they are always on look out for ways to save cost. RoR does exactly that – being an open source web app development framework, it does considerable cost saving. All you pay for is hire Ruby on Rails developer because the technology is free. 

  • Develop apps with lightening speed

Time and money are conjugate terms, even in the RoR benefits’ paradigm. There are plenty of off-the-peg libraries which makes RoR development services fast. There are ready to be used plugin and modules which make adding features easy. Object oriented nature of the language along with effortless coding makes it a fast technology.

  • God of Rapid Application Development

It works with lightning speed. Rapid Application Development (RAD) as the name suggests is a web application development framework model that aims to develop programs quickly. RoR just fits well with the RAD model of software making. With this model it is easy to make and manage changes leading to rapid product development.

  • Build up diverse application 

Web applications are configured with a purpose, starting from general purpose applications to the specialized ones you can build anything with RoR. Whether you are making a vanilla content focused website or a complex, feature-filled e-Commerce website, RoR sets things rolling. It can make as easy to upload product descriptions as to upload content, enthralling you all the way.