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WovVRA is an intelligent business automation tool that enables concessionaires to record Automated Daily Sales Reports to increase revenue share. Concessionaires can maximize revenue using smarter analytics and accurate daily sales reports leading to better RoI.

Use our ADSR software to capture sales data with all billing and revenue information from property owners, concessionaires, airports, and shopping centers & malls. Accurate data with our advanced AI-driven analytics will ensure cost savings along with additional revenues. To increase airport non-aeronautical revenues, WovVRA is the leading software in the market.

With a completely cloud-based sales automation solution, you can avoid additional infrastructure costs and be assured about the latest developments through remote and OTA updates. Benchmark performances, analyze sales trends, compare multiple locations’ data and do more with advanced built-in analytics reports.

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Prominent Features

Accessible worldwide platform to capture retail data and analyze through advance intelligent tools. Fully automated system with customizable views and results.

Accurate Data Reporting

Record accurate sales data from multiple tenants. Auto-capture accurate data from POS (point of sale) across multiple entities and create automated reports to get a precise insight into sales. No manual interventions involved right from the beginning till the end. No errors or misrepresentation of facts and figures to avoid any leakages.

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Many Methods to integrate

Integrate with tenants using multiple methods of integration. Multiple system based integrations to collect sales data and generate ADSR. Collect sales data using any one of the push or pull based approaches.

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Smarter Data Processing

Process data in a smarter way to ensure correctness and accuracy of data. Our intelligent transformation engine runs various rules and exception reports to ensure data correctness.


No Infrastructure costs

Cloud-based solution with offline availability so that on-site infrastructure set up is not required. Built on the patent-pending aPaaS framework, it enables us to integrate 30-50% faster than any other provider.

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboards & Easy Reporting

Exception reporting and resolutions. Extended intelligence through footfall analysis, conversion, Revenue trends, what if analysis reporting dashboards.

advanced analytics

Advanced Inbuilt Analytics

Benchmark performances, analyze sales trends, compare multiple locations and more with advanced built in analytics reports. Use operational data to improve sales and revenue .Extend intelligence through people counting, loyalty systems, location data etc.

Product Screenshots

Product Screenshots

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