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OKEN SaaS Platform

OKEN is an App SaaS platform that empowers businesses to implement loyalty programs and engage with customers through custom-designed mobile apps. We have leveraged our core learnings and industry expertise in loyalty programs and customer engagement to develop a highly configurable app backend platform.

OKEN caters to businesses seeking to digitize their loyalty programs and create mobile apps across various industries. Whether you own a mall/shopping center, a retail store/chain, an airport, an FEC/entertainment center, or even a B2B loyalty program, our platform is designed to meet your specific requirements. We excel in implementing mall loyalty programs and can fulfill your needs for shopping mall loyalty programs or any other retail or FEC chains.

In just 5 weeks, our configurable app platform enables you to launch a custom mobile app tailored to your unique requirements.

During Week 1, our team of design experts collaborates closely with you to create app designs that align with the latest trends and reflect your brand identity. We ensure a visually appealing and on-brand loyalty app that captures the attention of your customers.

Also in parallel during weeks 1–3, the Configuration stage is also initiated. It allows you to set up specific attributes, such as location information, marketing campaigns, enticing offers, loyalty program rules (including tier values, dynamic rewards, point systems, etc.), and other personalized features. Our user-friendly backend portal provides you with complete control to easily manage and update app information at your convenience.

Week 4 focuses on comprehensive testing to ensure seamless integrations and the proper application of rules. We prioritize a flawless user experience to maximize engagement and satisfaction.

By Week 5, your custom loyalty app is ready to be launched on both Android and iOS platforms. Equipped with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, you gain valuable insights into customer behavior and program performance. Leverage engagement tools, such as targeted notifications and marketing communication, to drive customer retention and boost your revenue.

Experience the OKEN difference and unlock the true potential of your loyalty program. Choose our configurable app platform today and witness the transformation of customer engagement and loyalty

OKEN Product Features

  • Configure & Go in 3 Easy Steps:

    Experience hassle-free setup with our user-friendly portal. Simply login, configure the information, and launch your mobile applications in no time.

  • Explore Nearby Locations:

    Enhance the discovery of your locations by helping customers find outlets, products, offers, amenities, and other services.

    Add or remove multiple locations easily to the application.

  • Not Just An Anonymous Customer:

    Make every customer feel like a VIP guest with personalized offers, exclusive discounts, promotions, and delightful gifts. Our advanced customer understanding capabilities allow you to tailor your offerings to their preferences, creating a truly memorable and unique experience.

  • Analyze Experiences & Improve the Customer Journey:

    Gain valuable insights by collecting feedback and analyzing customer experiences.

    Leverage this data to refine your offerings, improve customer satisfaction, and exceed expectations. With OKEN, you can constantly evolve and stay ahead of the competition.

  • New indoor Way finder:

    Navigate your property with ease using our state-of-the-art OKEN Mall Wayfinder. Say goodbye to expensive external hardware costs. Our smart wayfinding features enable customers to locate stores, amenities, offers, and more, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Airport App

OKEN at a Glance

Opt for OKEN today and unlock the full potential of your loyalty program and customer engagement. Take control of your mobile app experience and elevate the customer journey with custom mobile apps designed by our experts. 

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