Intelligent Business Productivity Solutions


When we look at IT sector, one thing needs to be loud & clear – it’s not just a source of operational excellence & enablement. One needs to look at it as a source of innovation. But are we there? The McKinsey survey of IT executives doesn’t say so. If we take a global perspective into how IT is enabling enhanced business performance, only a few examples stand out. In the rest of the cases, the effect is unsatisfactory. The problem is, in case of enterprises, the entire IT setup is Waterfall-like, making swift enterprise-wide upgrades difficult. And even when they get there, they pursue things haphazardly rather than taking a systematic approach. In this blog, we are going to share with you the names of some key business productivity enhancement & business processes simplification solutions. These cloud-based, SaaS-modeled solutions have everything in place to simplify our worklife


The world of revenue collection, specially in the organized retail, is marred with many chronic problems. The shopping malls & airport retails have to do manual collection of data. There are inconsistencies in collecting data & there is delay even after too many follow ups. Even if a single day’s data is missing it leads to revenue leakages & inconsistencies in revenue collection. Lack of analytical insight leads to inability in calculating ROI. WovVRA from WovVTech – a leading business productivity software development company – is a just solution to the companies indulging in revenue sharing model. It easily integrates with tenants to give a holistic view of your business. Key features of this solution are:

  • Automation of entire processes from revenue sharing to billing. 
  • Exception reporting & resolution to plug in data inconsistencies. 
  • Automatic data reconciliation to offer information consistency. 
  • Footfall & conversion analysis. 
  • Finding revenue trends & doing what-if analysis. 
  • Daily, weekly, & brand dashboards. 


Audit & inspection have always been a key determinant of standard business process conformance. From the beginning, industries like Oil & Gas, where there is a lot of focus on security & process conformance, have felt the need of a lightweight audit & inspection solution. The pandemic has led to new demands of such solutions from shopping malls & retail stores for maintaining hygiene standards. WovVIA is just there for that. Having seen multiple implementations in the above-mentioned industries, it is a perfect solution for survey & auditing. Here are the key features of the software:

  • Dashboards with interactive reports. 
  • Create different types of audit & inspection forms on the click of a button. 
  • You can schedule, plan, & assign audits to individuals. 
  • Maintains multiple access levels with accessibility given on the basis of login user’s role. 
  • Open APIs & integrations with other IT systems.
  • Evaluate relative performance period & location wise. 
  • Identify non-compliance & log & assign tickets to employees. 
  • Track the actions & closure of non-compliance. 
  • Survey/checklists sharing option with QR code. 


WovVBI – our cloud-based business intelligence tool is both technically superior & affordable. We ensure rapid product deployment by taking care of the procurement, setup, & management of the cloud solution. Delivering great value at the cost of meagre investments in comparison to the on-premise BI tools, WovVBI is a technological innovation that provides right information at the right time. We offer anytime, anywhere access to the BI application without requiring to set up the complete computing ecosystem & hiring of experts to manage such systems. There is a considerable saving in time & money as we take care of the entire maintenance & improvement. Here are the key features of this solution:

  • These Tech tools for small business owners are easy to set up & configure — no code change is required. 
  • You can design your own dashboard with interactive & configurable reports. 
  • It has a simple & intuitive UI which you would love to use. 
  • Pivot reports give you complete analysis of data. 
  • Accessible across mobile, laptop, & thin clients. 
  • Powerful analytical reports offered in grid with filtering & drill down option. 
  • Perfectly designed to serve small, medium, & large enterprises. 
  • Empowered with AI based business assistant – CHIKKA. 
  • DIY reporting option with export feature. 


In its category, no software application can streamline business processes as elegantly & suavely as WovVFlow. It’s a workflow management system. It lets you create workflows in minutes. It provides complete visibility to the entire team & lets them track & collaborate in a single space. One solution to provide consolidated view of all project’s progress & access to elementary information to all stakeholders based on role. Eliminates project delays by promoting communication, & defining actionable & dependencies. With this solution at the helm of your organizational ecosystem, you won’t have scattered documents with team members working on different versions. There is complete clarity & everybody in the team knows the next step & is invested with required ownership & accountability.   

  • One view of all information to run a small business smoothly. It gives one view of all tasks, statuses, & communications. 
  • Create dynamic workflows in minutes. 
  • Gives calendar view of tasks & project view & status view. 
  • One can view the timesheet of employees & do task wise time tracking. 
  • It gives consolidated employee & time information. 
  • All tracking & collaboration information at one place. 
  • Timely & multi-channel notification of all activities. 
  • Mobile based for anytime, anywhere accessibility to keep you going. 


WovVXM is a straight from innovation center tool to simplify your business which is designed to provide insight to captivate stakeholders, enhance loyalty, & anticipate customers’ needs through feedback & analytics. It lest you gather customer feedback & get actionable insights. Provides cutting-edge customer satisfaction matrix like NPS, CSAT, & CES. You get a hook to identify potential problems before they occur through customer feedback. You can also get deep insight into changing customer needs in today’s hyper-dynamic market & behavior pattern. Its key features are:

  • Create DIY feedback survey forms. 
  • Customize the application as per your brand. 
  • It offers multiple language support & there are 30+ predefined question types available. 
  • You can capture feedback from any stakeholder by just sharing the QR code. 
  • You can customize link settings: IP restriction, one response per customer, deadline & more. 
  • Do word cloud & sentiment analysis. 
  • Compare responses across locations & methods of feedback collection. 


WovVBIz is an intelligent & successful attempt to automate & integrate billing, banking, & accounting to make one’s life easier. In a world where the arterial business processes run on legacy software staying up-to-date is difficult.  While billing, banking, & accounting rules are changing overnight, hardcoded nature of products & business rules are making adaptive configuration difficult. Bank reconciliation, payments, document handling, & compliance are major issues in this area. When the basic components of latest IT infrastructure are missing looking for mobility is a far cry. To answer all these woes, WovVBiz has been developed. It’s a simple one-word answer to all the gigantic problems that you can imagine. It definitely helps to scale your business up. Now let’s check out its life-simplifying features:

  • One integrated platform for billing, banking, & accounting which is quick to set up & affordable like utilities. 
  • Being cloud-based it gives secure anywhere access. The UI is absorbing & is a treat to eyes. 
  • Working with your existing hardware, it can take care of expense management, timesheet, payroll, task management, & other key functionalities. 
  • One application which runs on all platforms – Windows, Android, iOS, Linux etc. 
  • Perfectly sized to serve organizations of all sizes – small, medium, large, & enterprise. 
  • Powerful, grid-based analytical reports which may be customized, filtered, & drill-downed. 
  • Technologically well complemented with an AI based business assistant called CHIKKA.  

OKEN Saas Platform

OKEN SaaS platform bridges the gap between mall owners & shoppers. It includes a customizable app & a SaaS solution. OKEN mall app allows mall owners to provide customers information on indoor mall navigation, GPS parking, discounts, product directories, offers & others to provide elevated mall experience to customers.  Customers can access on-the-fly information about the mall in all aspects – savings, dining, product browsing, & using other amenities. When customers download this mall loyalty app & sign up for this, they provide valuable data which provides key insights which can be leveraged to engage customers in a better way. Here are the key features of this platform:

  • It allows customers to explore the mall. They can browse brands, categories, products, & store timings. They can even review & rate the stores.  
  • Boost shopper’s footfall in the mall by providing lucrative offers to the customers right in their mobile which has a very high opening rate. 
  • Send instant notifications to shoppers reminding them of the important upcoming events in the shopping mall. 
  • Share reward points with customers for signing up or making purchases & win their loyalty. 
  • Use this loyalty management platform to manage loyalty points & share privileges & benefits with customers. 
  • Help customers navigate through the mall & locate free parking space with a smart way finder. 


Success in today’s digitally-disrupted age will depend on your ability to digitize core operations, launch new, technologically-driven business models, & apply latest, invented-to-empower technologies – attributed to one & only who can partner with technology trailblazers like WovVTech. We don’t offer just solutions to business problems, we offer ideas to upgrade your life. In this blog, we take you through business productivity enhancement products which can help you to reach the leading edge. One more thing, before we wind up to prepare for offering another insightful technological blog – all our IT solutions (including the ones mentioned here) are available in FREE-FOREVER format. We make products to simplify your life, so why burden yourself with licensing & payment issues. Use it – it’s for you, free always.