IntroductionBusiness is a serious stuff and so is intelligence hence the term BI is anything but oxymoron. Intelligence punctures competition and therefore most of the firms looking to get an edge over their rivals look for a piercing BI solution that can spike big data and unravel precious information based on which intelligent business decisions can be made. Business intelligence solutions vendors leverage the best currently available technology to come up with products which you have been dreaming about, which can settle your nerves, and which can give you peace of mind.

Synopsis of BI Sector

Since its inception IT sector has been showing promising growth notwithstanding catastrophes like subprime and Corona, and BI has even outpaced its parent industry to show record growths in the recent years. As per Forbes, the main three factors that are driving business intelligence software growth are the revelation for the enterprises that customer is the king, call to bring efficiency into the processes, and enterprises searching for new business ground in this global world. Business intelligence solutions give a sense of predictability in this thoroughly unpredictable world, and that is what business heads are looking for – they want to predict customer behaviour because a positive one can favorably impact their bottom line. 

Advantage: BI users

As a software consumer you are destined to reap the benefits of this new digital revolution that has produced a crop of business intelligence tools. Let’s have a look at some of the primary benefits of these tools. You eliminate guesswork and apply analytical knowledge to streamline business processes. Features like Dashboards give you a top view of the business performance right from  the top grossers to single-penny sales. Having a central pool of data instead of logging into several apps is not only more insightful but also drives more efficiency. Let’s move to the next point.

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