customer feedback


Being a business owner, no one knows better than you the importance of customers—so much so that they are no longer considered just customers, not even guests, but owners. Businesses do everything to keep customers loyal; taking advantage of technology is one of them. To win customer attention, to win their purchasing power, and to win their hearts, enterprises rely on customer feedback management software—eeither on-premise or cloud-based. In this blog, I will take you through WovVXM—a cloud-based customer and employee feedback management tool—and explain its key features, how  it helps you, and its use cases. 

Key features of WovVXM: 

  • A lightweight, thin-client, cloud-based customer feedback software that is most apropos for your organization. 
  • Adds a human factor to digitization with engaging conversational surveys. 
  • When you are in far-off places, on the move, or internet-free, you can still collect customer feedback with an offline survey facility using this best customer feedback software
  • Get a pulse on your customers with word-cloud and sentiment analysis features.
  •  Create a customer engagement plan with 360-degree customer analysis.
  •  A just feedback management system for a multilingual, globalized society where every customer speaks a different language 
  • 25+ question types to measure the nerve of eclectic customers 
  • Dash off insights with a comprehensive dashboard that offers configurable, filterable reports from this enterprise experience software. 
  • Get into the mind of every individual with customizable surveys. 
  • Get over customer bias originating from mood swings by taking surveys through scheduling and automation at different points on the customer journey. 
  • Go viral by sharing feedback links on multiple channels. 
  • customer feedback management tool sitting at the top center of your organizational ecosystem to draw centripetal insights. 
  • One system that blends well with existing systems to avoid multiple systems. 
  • Automate periodic, recurring feedback collection to improve efficiency along the way. 

How to track customer feedback using the WovVXM

CREATECreate DIY Feedback form 
Do branding with customizable logos and themes. 
30+ question types are needed to create survey forms. Pre-configured feedback templates. 
ACCUMULATE Be thorough; don’t skip any customers. 
Draw feedback from all sources by tactically sharing links on all channels. 
Share a QR code. IP restriction, no duplicate response, link expiration time, and more 
ANALYZE Generate Net Promoter Score, CSAT, and CES metrics. 
Make word clouds and generate sentiments. 
Analyze responses by comparing them across locations. 

WovVXM Use Cases 

  • Customer Satisfaction: Know how satisfied your customers are with CSAT surveys. 
  • Customer Effort Score: Calculate the ease of product or service consumption through the customer effort score. 
  • Net Promoter Score: A metric that gauges loyalty 
  • Customer Voice: Hear what they don’t say and collect customer feedback with NPS surveys. 
  • Kiosk Feedback: Unattended Feedback Collection 
  • On-premise Feedback: Compatible with mobile devices for on-premise feedback collection 
  • Multi-stakeholder feedback: Collect feedback from patients, visitors, students, and others. 
  • Employee Feedback: Guarantee employee satisfaction with surveys. 


Trust us, We are saying this with authority and years of experience: WovVXM, the cloud-based, pay-as-you-go software, is way ahead of others in collecting customer feedback. These are the major features that we have taken you through; there is much more to explore by yourself.