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Automation is the area around which post-pandemic business success is centered. Up until the Covid struck, organizations were not that avid to adopt automation, not really convinced around its capability to bring a turnaround in business operations & profitability.  We did not have too many enterprises completely buying in the benefits of automation anywhere leading to a slow progress in adoption & scaling up, as this KPMG report suggests. Now the time has changed. Ever since the pandemic struck, & the availability of human resources became a challenging affair, its perception has changed from being ‘a nice initiative’ to ‘have to have technology’. What led to this change in the perception? – Ostensibly, normal business operations were disrupted & certain gaps were exposed in digital transformation as employees, resources & un-automated processes were not able to meet the demand during pandemic times. In the post-pandemic times, we are expecting a huge resurgence in the demand & existing business processes are quite naturally unable to meet this demand because of the inability in quick scaling up. Having implemented our world-renowned workflow management software– WovVFlow — in many geographies & across industries, we are well positioned to guide you on how automation software can ensure business continuity in post-pandemic times. Read on to know. 

Enter data once & for all

Having a digital unified platform means you will have to enter data once instead of feeding it into multiple, separate systems which barely communicate. All the manual data entry forms in the entire supply chain may be replaced with workflow management software forms, thus completely doing away with the requirement of manual data entry. This will ensure that the data you entered once is available across the supply chain leading to consistency & elimination of human error. Additionally, such data may be easily integrated with other software systems like ERP. 

By replacing manual labor

The pandemic has taught us one thing –  the fallacy of human resource availability. With the virus attacking through the ways humans communicate with each other, it has become impossible to continue working normally in many industries. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ – many industries have already started looking up for ways to restructure their product development & supply chain processes restricting the use of human labor to a minimum. This will require complete automation. Modern workflow management systems, equipped with these technologies, & inherently capable to bring out automation will help in this endeavor. 

By automating repetitive tasks

Information age provides productivity pain insight in its report, suggesting around 90% employees are burdened with repetitive tasks that may be easily automated. Even in innovative organizations which have gone digital realizing the benefits of automation, there are tasks like form-filling, data extraction, data messaging, data validation & other data processing tasks which may be easily automated. Employees freed up this way may be channelized towards more up-value tasks even stepping in when there is a requirement of human resource. We have an example of Amazon. Without the best workflow management software at the warehouses & distribution centers it would have been impossible for Amazon to meet the huge demand of essential goods during Covid times. 

Business process modelling 

During Covid & post it, one thing is very clear, organizations will have to stay flexible during these times of change. You will have to stay agile with your BPs to ensure compliance. Since we don’t know all possible outcomes, we will have to stay with an agile business foundation so that we can plan for more than one.  This is where business process modelling will help. The proven way to digitize your business processes & stay agile is through streamlining BPs with the help of low-code process applications (like WovVFlow). They will also help you to unlock efficiency & do cost savings. 

Task management 

Task management is going to be a big issue. Workflow automation software helps in tasks creation, setting priorities, task approval, employee productivity management, task tracking & many other things. WovVFlow helps you in all these things. 


With the underpinning of technology the organizations are moving towards innovation through workflow management tools. The Covid-19 crisis has led organizations to utilize the benefits which technology like cloud solutions offer in a big way. Large scale implementations which would have taken years to complete are behaving like pilots & are getting implemented in days & weeks. Automation if implemented well can go a long way in helping organizations counterintuitively be more human & deliver great values to customers. One more thing before we wind up, WovVFlow BP automation software which we mentioned earlier in this blog is also available in FREE-FOREVER format giving you benefit to use the software without paying anything. This is an un-refutable offer, go & grab it.