WovVIA- Audit & Inspection Software


Retail audit automation helps you to streamline study of samples of retail outlets. You can use modern-day retail audit software to get insights about a brand’s sales, trends in sales, inventory level, in-store display effectiveness, marketing efforts and other retail aspects. In the retail world, you need to be aware of the competition all the time, and try to develop the competitive edge; a retail audit & survey application helps you in that apart from making you compliant. 

Drawbacks of paper audits

Paper audits are risky to say the least. First, paper audits can lead to incomplete, incorrect & illegible information. People tend to skip some of the fields making the information incomplete. Second, physical papers and notebooks are susceptible to damage, which makes information vulnerable to loss. Third, searching & recovering old audit data from file cabinets is difficult and makes audit review problematic. Finally, it is difficult to manually find patterns and analyze   the response. . These points make store audit software for inspections a necessity. 

Why WovVIA?

WovVIA has demonstrative capability of innovation and offers best features and values. 

  • It is very easy to integrate with your existing systems. Most customers in our case make and roll out their digital audit & survey form in just a matter of a few minutes. 
  • It is not years but months within which you will see complete return on investments with this retail store audit app.
  • Our customers reported significant increase in productivity by using this cloud-based solution

How WovVIA helps in retail audit?

  • Standardize inspection: Standardize audits across time and facilities. Muse over including the right questions to facilitate product’s positioning, showcasing & promotion at the same time staying compliant with the regulations
  • Streamline scheduling & approval: This internal inspection app makes it easy to schedule retail audits & inspections. You can track & report on safety issues vis-à-vis preventive maintenance & facility improvement
  • Be proactive: Create and use checklists for doing audits & inspections. Get insightful & comprehensive reports on your fingertips.  Slickly find out the in-store working environment, know what’s not working, & highlight the improvements needed. 
  • Clear Ownership: The non compliant points can be assigned to the respective owner with a due date ensuring the non compliant points are highlighted and handled well in advance
  • Multi-lingual support: Audit checklist can be prepared in multiple languages to list a few English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and many more thus making it convenient for your ground staff

Conducting Inspection & Audits via WovVIA Mobile App

We let you audit anytime, anywhere, both online & offline. You can use the inspection and auditing app on any mobile device – smartphone or tablet whether it’s android or iOS. This is the best android/IoS app for survey.

  • Don’t miss deadlines by creating and assigning checklists to individuals and schedule audits
  • 100+ predefined templates to conduct audits with ease
  • Get reminders & notification on important tasks and  due audits.
  • Simple, intuitive UI that anybody can work on
  • This mobile app survey tool lets you work at your own pace, save the forms for later reference
  • Photos & videos for in-depth investigation of the issues
  • Add pictures & comments to specific checks
  • Guided by logic, do the right checks at the right time
  • View audit results & share audit reports with different stakeholders

WovVIA is available in the FREE-FOREVER model so that you can try the mobile audit app for free for as long as you want with limited users & features.