9 Best Ideas for Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Software


Customers were customers, then they became guests, and now they are owners. It matters what customers think about your brand, but they are not always vocal about it, so you need to feel for them, but how will you do it? – You can do it by collecting feedback directly from them through customer feedback tools. The idea is to go beyond the surface feeling and angle out the deep sensations that they have about your products and about your brands. Feedback will help you ascertain your virtues and vices and subsequently go forward from where you are today.

1. Leverage social media.

Shopping is called a social experience, so why not leverage social media, which is also built to generate social experiences, to gather quality customer feedback? For that, you can post the survey link on different popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where most people are and where most will take note of it.

2. Engage with contests.

A contest gets people’s attention, and if you get people’s attention, you can convince them to give feedback through customer feedback forms. People take active part in contests for rewards; use it to your advantage by sharing feedback links in the name of the contest.

3. Website on your side

Your website is your face; use it to interact with customers. Most customers visit your website just to browse through it and get some information; why not use it to get customer feedback to measure customer service performance?

4. Feel through the feedback box.

Place a feedback box strategically in your brick-and-mortar setup to draw people’s attention. Convince them to share their thoughts with you, no matter how hurried they are. And use analytics to get metrics like the Net Promoter Score.

5. Rewards for words

We usually respond when we are unhappy about a product or service, but do we do the same when we are happy? The idea is to generate an even response to do away with feedback bias through customer feedback platforms. Reward feedback to get a rational response.

6. Get close to your heart after closing the sale.

Closing the sale is the end of the sales cycle; by this time, people would have gone through all your touch points, initiatives, and campaigns, so this is the perfect time to get their feedback. E-Commerce companies can place the feedback option on the order closing page to do customer satisfaction surveys.

7. Online community for in-line feedback

Why not channelize the online medium to get feedback from customers? Create an online community, either on your website or on social media channels, with the intention of getting their feedback. Sway the community’s sense of humor in your favor.

8. Collect feedback on discarding the cart.

Know what went wrong in the final moment. Everything was fine; people hooked in, made the choice, and were about to place the order, but something spiked the sales—collect feedback on discarding the cart. There are the best customer feedback tools for that.

9. Send feedback via email.

Mobile always stays with people, and so will the feedback link if you email them the same. You can send the email at different points on the customer’s journey to get their feedback.