Turning Employee Experience Into A Goldmine For Your Business


The employee experience can play a vital role in shaping the future of an organization. The HR department with the responsibility to manage human resources understands the importance of employee experience (EX), and hence it has become the main driving force behind the HR strategies of many enterprises. What are the key challenges in leveraging EX for one’s benefit? First, defining it has become challenging given that the term itself is so amorphous. Second, the root of the employee experience lies in soft and vague terms like human nature and corporate culture rather than in hardcore, determinable things like technology. Now, if you are out to get the best employee engagement software for yourself, chances are you may be led away by expensive, complex, and confusing tools. Therefore, in this blog, I will take you through the nuances of EX management and also introduce you to a reliable employee experience management platform.

What is employee experience? 

In its simplest terms, employee experience refers to how an employee feels from the moment he comes into contact with an organization until he exits and even beyond. The three major components of the employee experience are physical, social, and work. These three categories encompass all the forces with which an employee interacts during his journey, from start to finish, all while shaping his behavior towards the organization. And these three categories have the biggest say in how an employee feels about his job, his co-workers, and the company. Therefore, you need to focus on these three concepts to build an active digital employee experience strategy. And when you are up for that, you will have to look at each element in these categories to gain a detailed understanding of the employee lifecycle to win the employee experience game. 

Ways to improve employee experience

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a statistical parameter that is used to measure customer loyalty. Given that employees are also important stakeholders, it can be easily and successfully tweaked to measure employee experience.

Pulse Tools

In this case, employees act anonymously to provide feedback about a particular area of their work. Provides a pulse over how employees feel about a particular area.

Collaboration Tools

This goes a long way in facilitating employee interaction and thus creating synergy where employees collectively produce more than the sum of their individual productivities.

Focus Groups

There are subtle and critical observations that cannot be measured through surveys alone. Focus Groups rely on human-to-human interaction to collect deep employee experience data. 


The success of this method depends on when you are doing the survey. Who is participating? How are you conducting the survey? and many other factors. The data is aggregated to develop employee experience-related metrics.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative approach to solving EX problems. It uses methods like empathy and holistic thinking to effect a paradigm shift.

Communication Tools

There are different aspects of organizational communication; it could be peer-to-peer communication, hierarchical communication, cross-functional communication, and others. Communication Tools employ measures to improve overall inter-organizational communication.

Benefits of managing employee experience:

creating a positive employee experience has long-term benefits. Here are some key benefits of having a positive employee experience: elevating productivity: A direct benefit of enhancing the employee experience is elevating productivity. If employees are happy, they are more likely to be productive than grumpy ones who waste time and resources. 

  • Elevates productivity: A direct benefit of enhancing employee experience is elevating productivity. If employees are happy they are more likely to be productive rather than grumpy who waste time and resources. 
  • Enhances employee retention: Happier employees means low churn rate. This has multi-pronged benefits – builds organizational knowledge base, saves resources that goes in hiring & training new employees & creates stability. 
  •  Better attendance: If you will keep the employees happy they will be motivated to attend office regularly, lowering absenteeism. This boosts productivity. 
  • Nurtures creativity & innovation:  Creativity & innovation flourishes in an organizational culture where happiness dwells, where talent is rewarded, & where employees are given due respect. 
  • Satisfied customers: Having positive EX means you get satisfied customers at various customer touch points, this is truer for customer interaction intensive industries. Happy employees will simply lead to happier customers.  

Now I will introduce you to WovVIA –  the best employee experience solution which is turning heads in this field. This tool has been built by WovVTech – a leading, global business productivity company that delivers cloud-based solutions to solve business problems. 

WovVIA features

Here are the key features of the WovVIA (best employee engagement software 2021) which can surely boost employee experience:

  • Create easy, DIY feedback survey forms through desktop or on-the-fly with mobile devices. 
  • Do branding by customizing the survey forms by placing logos and using company-specific themes.
  • The company has a global presence and hence the product is available in multiple languages.
  • There are 30+ question types available to help you ask the right question.
  • Pre-defined survey templates not only make you utilize the knowledge base but also save time.
  • Share the feedback link on any channel or medium including different social media channels.
  • Share QR code for capturing the feedback.
  • You can customize link settings through IP restriction, one response per customer, deadline & more. 
  • Do a comparative study of responses, location wise data, & feedback collection methods. 

How WovVIA helps in building employee experience

Listen to the employee voice

Any serious attempt to improve employee experience has to start with listening to the employee voice – ask employees about their experiences with you and how it can be made better. There are a couple of processes which can help you in this – employee engagement survey & employee sentiment analysis. These techniques help you in structured & unstructured data analysis to better understand employees. 

Record the employee journey

WovVIA puts special emphasis on that, in order to record the employee journey, you will have to create an employee journey map which records information about employees’ job types and the touchpoints which they face. Subsequently, you will have to gather feedback about how they feel at each touch point & learn ideas for improvement. Empathy plays a significant role here, as you need to take a holistic view for employees including their goals. 

Track the touchpoints that matter most

WovVIA – the best employee experience survey software –  will help you out in the employee journey mapping process, this will bring to focus the moments which matter most to the employees. Some of them are – employee onboarding, career development, projects assignments, offboarding & others. Once you have figured it out, it’s time to start investing in these touchpoints. As then employees will have a good experience about your brand which will bring numerous benefits which I will tell you in another blog. 


The way employee experience strategy plays out lies hidden in the future, but one thing is certain, the employee experience platforms are really going to make a cut, for they have been designed with an express purpose – to win an employee’s heart. In this blog, I have told you about employee experience, ways to improve employee experience, & benefits of the employee experience management. Later in the blog, I have introduced you to WovVIA – a cloud-based, unified, lightweight, & powerful employee experience management software. I am sure this blog has been useful to you because it describes the nuts & bolts of EX management and also brings to focus an enterprise employee experience solution which will surely help you in it.