Customer Experience software


Customer experience is defined as the sum total of conscious and subconscious customer perceptions in relation to your brand resulting from their contact with your brand in the customer’s lifecycle. Customer experience service is the process of responding to customer interactions to satisfy customer expectations and elevate customer loyalty. It is the practice wherein you create and offer such experiences that will not only make them loyal to you but also make them an evangelist for your brand. Let’s see how this system works with the aid of CXM tools.

Why is CXM important?

Though CXM may sound like an idealistic concept, anyone who takes it less seriously will be out of the competition. Globally, customer feedback management has become the differentiating factor in this highly competitive, highly digitalized market. With good CXM, you can:

  • Get preferential treatment for your brand on account of a positive experience.
  • Elevate revenue with up-selling from existing customers and new sales from customer advocacy.
  • Win customer’s heart through helpful and satisfying customer interactions.
  • Prevent revenue loss due to customer defection.

Role of CXM software

customer experience tool plays a very constructive role in shaping customer journeys with your brand. Here is how it helps:

  • CXM software brings together all kinds of data—transactional and non-transactional—into a customer profile.
  • Feedback management software synthesizes data from multiple locations and captures data from these points in real-time.
  • Generates deeper, more actionable insights than ever possible.
  • easily integrates with your current ecosystem
  • Uses next-gen technologies to build standout experiences and deliver customized content at scale.
  • The best experience management tool allows you to improve your customers’ journeys and make, connect, offer, and look after experiences across channels.
  • Crafted on the bedrock of real-time, analytical, and machine learning abilities, it allows you to grow
  • Protects sensitive customer information and builds trust

Rendezvous with WovVXM

WovVXM, an advanced experience management software, measures and improves experiences across all stakeholders. This customer feedback management platform provides insights to captivate Stakeholders, elevate loyalty, and anticipate Stakeholders needs through feedback and analytics.

How does WovVXM help?

  • Gather customer feedback and get actionable insights.
  • Measure parameters like NPS, CSAT, and CES and take action on them.
  • Identify and address potential problems by collecting feedback.
  • Recognize changing customer needs and their behaviors.

Key features of WovVXM

  • Create DIY survey feedback forms.
  • Customizable: put your logo and themes as per your brand.
  • Multiple language support
  • 100+ pre-defined survey templates and 30+ question types
  • Share feedback links on any channel across different mediums.
  • Share QR codes and customize link settings.
  • Offers word cloud and sentiment analysis.
  • Compare responses across locations.
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems like Salesforce, BI tools, LinkedIn, and social apps
  • Online and offline mobility support