Oken - Loyalty App


Loyalty apps, along with loyalty programs, are a great way to drive customer engagement. Loyalty programs, often on account of a lack of digital push, lack visibility, engagement, or both. While it can be emphasized with almost 100 percent certainty that loyalty applications are a prerequisite for the success of your loyalty program, and hence you must have them, businesses can have one if it fits into their scheme of things. All in all, it can prove to be an effective way to drive customer engagement. A synergy between the loyalty app and loyalty program is what probably appeals to customers; at least that is what this Gartner report suggests. We have seen many businesses underestimating the reach of the app stores as brand promoters and not providing complete loyalty-specific feature details in the app store description.

In our eyes, it’s just a failure on the part of brands to utilize an opportunity to promote their multi-functional app. In this blog, we are going to emphasize how loyalty apps can prove instrumental in underpinning your shopping mall’s popularity. We at WovVTech have a world-renowned OKEN, a SaaS platform that powers both Android and iOS apps to drive your loyalty program, which we have implemented at several most-happening places and shopping destinations in the world, and we are best poised to guide you on how it can benefit your shopping mall. So, here’s to the success of your shopping mall.

Loyalty App benefits for a shopping mall

A prudent, cutting-edge, and futuristic customer loyalty application combines elements of a loyalty program, marketing, and engagement to provide value for your shopping mall without any major cost or hassle. Here are the key benefits: —

  • It gives you a competitive advantage in your daily turnover and while attracting tenants.
  • Uncover the mysteries of your customers’ lifestyles by collecting demographic, biographic, and other hidden data that can provide valuable insight.
  • Rely on the latest technology trailblazers, like cloud-based solutions, to reduce risks.
  • Pique the satisfaction level of the customers and retailers, where the former is hard to get.
  • Technology spearheads at a very cost-effective price through the SaaS model, attracting affordable and fixed payments.

Loyalty App benefits for retailers

As more and more shopping mall owners and retailers engage in a revenue sharing model, it becomes a joint responsibility to drive customers to retailers. Your retailers will benefit from the enhanced footfall and dwell time of the customers, and they will also have access to a wide customer base.

  • Retailers will be able to send their promotional materials about the best loyalty programs to mall visitors.
  • They will get to promote their brands well by having a dedicated page inside the in-app mall directory.
  • Tenants will get a better grip on their customers by analyzing who is spending in their stores and how they are utilizing their loyalty points.
  • Features like QR codes improve efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating the need for store staff.
  • Customers who are loyal to the shopping mall will be channeled towards the retailers, and thus retailers will get a share in the umbrella customer loyalty program.

Loyalty App benefits for your customers

The shopping mall loyalty app being a part of an online loyalty program brings too many benefits to the customers, as they are inclined towards your mall by shunning competition for a better customer journey experience.

  • Your customers are rewarded for just visiting your shopping mall.
  • As they make great purchases at your mall, reward them with freebies and discounts.
  • A new age of real and virtual shopping experiences for using your app and visiting the shopping mall.
  • Indulge in an innovative way of shopping with indoor navigation and smart parking facilities.

OKEN: Loyalty App

We already mentioned OKEN (a SaaS platform that powers both Android and iOS apps) above in this blog. Now we will draw you closer to the best loyalty app. With the loyalty app, backed by OKEN, you can manage malls, loyalty, experiences, and more. The app features rewards on the home screen and main navigation. The users can clearly check out how many points have been accumulated and how much they need to accumulate to get their next reward. The app plays a key role in the mall’s omnichannel marketing strategy by sending push notifications at important junctures. This loyalty app also facilitates smooth, contact-less in-store engagement by offering QR codes for checkouts. Here are the benefits that you get with this app:

  • For multi-shopping mall businesses, there is a provision to manage all malls with a single app. Customers, in turn, can explore nearby malls.
  • It is a complete, holistic customer experience management tool.
  • Manage loyalty points and rewards to win customer loyalty.
  • You can gather customer feedback through surveys and get a pulse on their sentiments.
  • Facilitates indoor mall navigation and smart parking.
  • You can view, manage, and analyze queues and customer footfalls.
  • You can manage your bills digitally. Send them directly upon purchase. Facility for manual bill upload.
  • Share information on events and bookings. One can easily scan items and create shopping lists.


By providing a full suite of loyalty app features, you can offer both the utility and holistic underpinning that the users require by sacrificing their precious smartphone’s memory and screen real estate, which removes pain points from their shopping journey and their in-app and in-store shopping experiences.