The Best Customer Experience Solution


With technological ingress, sophistication has taken over customers’ minds, and they expect a seamless experience across channels. However, many organizations lack the orientation and means to track customer experience across the customer journey and instead focus on individual touchpoints. This is a half-hearted approach; Mckinsey believes organizations should rather focus on the end-to-end customer journey across channels. Having brought about a complete turnaround with our innovative customer experience management strategy, we at WovVTech believe that an ideal customer experience management software should facilitate a customer experience transformation program through benchmarking, process improvement, and innovation. We help companies improve their customers’ experiences throughout their journey across touchpoints with our customer experience management solution, WovVXM. 

CEM: The Heart of A Business 

What is the core strategy that helps businesses win over customers? – It’s without any doubt customer experience management. What can be a more simple equation than a happy customer? A happy customer means your product is a success, and so is your business. An unhappy customer means the market rejects your product. In its simplest avatar, customer experience management means taking care of your customers throughout their journey so that they keep coming back to you. To scale your brand, you will have to follow a customer-first strategy. Here we are sharing some key stats that would act as a mind jolt if you are not into customer experience management: 

  • More than 70% of the customers leave because of the poor treatment. 
  • More than 90% of customers would not care to complain if they were miffed with your brand. 
  • It’s five times more expensive to win a new customer than to retain an existing one. 
  • A bad customer experience may overshadow a good customer experience and is likely to reach more people than you think. 
  • A bad word travels faster and farther. 

Benefits of CEM:

Customer experience management holds the hand of a new customer, nurtures the relationship, and turns him into a brand ambassador.

Below are some benefits of highly effective feedback management software: 

Customers become less price-sensitive; they begin to look beyond the price. They begin to associate themselves with your brand and are even ready to pay a higher price, but only for your product. This provides a secure stream of revenue. 

Brings in new customers: As already mentioned, a successful CEM initiative makes a brand ambassador out of a customer and thus brings in new customers without any specific investment, resulting in immense savings in new customer acquisition. 

Makes customers forgiving; They turn a blind eye to your lapses. Even if you are unable to put on a perfect show for the customer, they will be forgiving of your mistakes and take the journey forward. 

Customers become your brand’s advocates. Too many times, it has been discovered that a happy customer is a better brand advocate than a partner you hire for the purpose. Their endorsement outruns your best marketing efforts. 

Get customer feedback. That’s one of the most precious matters we can emphasize. The reason is that, time and again, research has shown that people tend to hold things close to their hearts in matters of complaint or suggestion for your company. With customer experience managed, people tend to offer free suggestions and constructive criticism, helping in brand building. 

WovVTech’s customer experience transformation approach 

What does a true customer-centric transformation strategy entail? A rethinking of the business model itself, which is the only way customer experience transformation can achieve its full potential and remain sustainable. A fundamental mindset change, triggered by the right technology, concentrating on customers and IT improvements, can lead to a 20–30 percent increase in customer satisfaction and economic gains in the range of 30–50 percent of the cost. In short, you need to understand that if there is a silver bullet to customer experience transformation, it’s this customer feedback management platform, WovVXM. 

WovVXM Features:

WovVXM is a cloud-based experience management tool that is used to record and improve customer experiences through feedback. Our feedback tool helps you understand your customers better and improve their experiences at multiple touchpoints on the customer journey. It is also equally effective in employee experience management.

Here are the prominent features of our software: 

Create a survey in minutes: There are more than 15 pre-defined question types, which help you create feedback forms in minutes. Rapid customer feedback through this feedback management software ensures better customer loyalty and retention. 

Share freely: Share customer feedback forms across multiple channels to increase reach. You can share the feedback forms through links, QR codes, social media, websites, apps, etc. 

Multichannel: With this experience, management software feedback links are accessible across multiple channels. Customers can access the survey links on multiple devices, and it works equally well on all types of devices. 

Customizable: Forms are fully customizable. You can place your logo and images for branding and easily apply validation and rules. 

Get insights: Analyze the feedback received from the customers to get to the voice of the customer metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT, and CES (Customer Effort Score). Take corrective actions on low scores to enhance the loyalty of customers. 

Build CRM: Build customers’ databases and thoroughly understand the driving factors for each profile of customers with our experienced management tool. 


Our best feedback management software engages more customers than other products in the competition. It makes the survey interesting and encourages people to participate in it. We here at WovVTech ensure that your customers have the best experience with you and keep coming back to you for more. We even support offline surveying for times when internet accessibility is an issue. We have so many expertly engineered templates that help you get a pulse on your customers.